Get This Light Bulb WiFi CCTV Camera Cheaply in Uganda

When it comes to home or office security, this Light bulb WiFi CCTV camera takes the lead. Besides being highly rated, the smart device is selling at the cheapest price in Uganda which means that you too can own it. If security is on your priority list, this smart device is the perfect solution for that.

Gone are the days where one needed lots of money in order to secure his belongings both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the panoramic 360 CCTV bulb camera which comes with lots of features all geared towards your personal, office or your loved ones security.

My story and why I love this light bulb WiFi camera

Back in 2019, something happened close to my office. Efforts to find who had done so ended up failing since there was no proof of who exactly had done it however much those who claimed to have been around pointed at some individuals. At the end of it, my neighbor made a loss which he had to pay after selling a belonging.

Having seen that, I remembered how living a bachelor but with lots of belongings might end up just in case the same happened, maybe this round to me. Off I ordered for the Light bulb WiFi CCTV camera and had it installed as a replacement for my usual bulb.

One day while at work, I got an alert. Surprisingly, I noticed someone I wasn’t expecting inside my room. Gosh, I watched him check as if he had lost something and wondered what this was about. I called a neighbor, alerted him of what was going on and they were ready to intervene.

When they were ready outside, I said to the intruder in a very loud voice, “what are you looking for? Where did you get the keys? And who are you? Without finishing, he tried to find his way out but was intercepted and held by my neighbors.

It’s at this time that I said to myself, thanks to the panoramic 360 CCTV bulb WiFi camera for the features as it saved me. The good news for you reading is that at the cheapest price in Uganda, you can too own this simple device and secure your office or home just like I did.

Features of the Light Bulb WiFi CCTV Camera

  • Intelligent AI Mode & Light Up When Someone Pass By
  • 360 Degree Panoramic Viewing without Blind Area
  • Easy Installation, Compatible with E26 / E27 light Socket!
  • Colorful Day Vision and Clear Night Vision
  • Smart Motion Alarm and alert
  • Multi-Devices Remote Viewing at the Same Time
  • Supports TF card of up to 128GB
  • Full HD 960p
  • WiFi connection
  • 2 Way talk
  • Mobile app support

Panoramic 360° CCTV Bulb Camera APP

You can download the panaramic WiFi CCTV light bulb camera app from Google play store and install it on your mobile phone. Once you are done, you are ready to get full functionality of your camera including monitoring, alerts and etc. You can download the installation manual and do it yourself.

Where to buy in Uganda?

You can buy this Light Bulb WiFi CCTV Camera in Uganda online at Jumia for UGX 95,000. This price is the cheapest on the market, which is a deal a must not miss. Buying on Jumia comes with a variety of benefits including prime free delivery to your doorstep and discounted price.

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