Goiltrade.com Reviews – Is Scam or Legitimate?

Goiltrade.com reviews scam or legit This is the my personal review of Goiltrade. If you have been looking out for information with regard to what it is, how it works, whether its scam or legitimate, what one needs to join, the different investment levels, how much one can invest, when to be paid, the different forms of payments available when being paid and much more, you should not miss reading this post as it entails each and everything.

A few months back, a friend sent me an email introducing me to Goiltrade.com. He shared with me how he had spent some good time doing investment on this site and which really made me curious to know. Oh yes, my inner man forced to take a look so that I would know if joining this fully automated system would help me make some extra money. On visiting the site, I found that one had to invest on one of the plans available in order to join. The different plans are shown as below..

Different plan names with investment amount


– Profit = 23% Each day
– Tenure = 5 Days
– Capital Amount = Not Return
– Payout Everyday at 6AM UTC , Tax Free Return


– Profit = 3% Each day
– Tenure = 150 Days
– Capital Amount = Not Return
– Payout Everyday at 6AM UTC ,


– Profit = 23% Each day
– Tenure = 50 Days
– Capital Amount = Not Return
– Payout Everyday at 6AM UTC , Tax Free Return

When you read above, you will realize that different levels are “claimed” to have different profit returns at the end of the day. And yes, the profits seem to be average basing on how much one decided to invest. This service has its registration and insurance certificates live on site and can be downloaded, a thing which makes many take this as being legitimate.

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With a “GOILTRADE” ATM card, one is able to make a deposit or plan payment in addition to other supported payment alternatives like options including “Perfect money, Neteller and Bank wire”. On the side of withdrawing, payment options like “Perfect Money, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, Bank Wire, Goiltrade Atm Card and Western Money Transfer” are “claimed” to be available.

In brief, by joining this site, you invest your money and get profit back after the given days depending on the level. This is similar to the many sites which have been around and currently gone, which shared a similar operation type. This does not mean that this too is scam and I am neither saying that as of now basing on the fact that I have a friend who is a member and we are yet to find out the real fact, which we will share back here.

Like you see on the attached image, its written that one can make more than $100 a day. But I am sure this depends on how much one does invest and the plan one is on. I will as of now wind up and say that I am yet to reach my conclusion as to whether the site is legit or scam. Just keep tuned here for the update you may be very keen to know.

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