Google Chrome Crosses 5,000,000,000+ Installs Vs Firefox’s 100,000,000+

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Google Chrome Vs Firefox browserGoogle Chrome’s recent store update which happened 20 June 2019 shows a total number of 5,000,000,000+ installs vs Mozilla’s Firefox 100,000,000+ as updated 2 days before Chrome’s store update date. What does it mean? As far as the figures are concerned, they indicate a massive victory for Chrome, the American tech giant’s (Google) web client .

Chrome is a multi device browser which works both on desktop, mobile and tablet devices including Android and iOS smartphones. On almost all recent mobile phone releases with Android OS and upgrades, Chrome browser is one those applications which comes inbuilt.

This to me is most likely another reason why Google Chrome has achieved up to 5 Billion + installs, a monstrous figure against its rivals including Firefox which currently stands at 100,000,000+ installs. Lets take a the features of both browsers.

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Google Chrome browser features

Chrome update

  • Compatible with multi devices
  • Fast and speedy browing
  • Incognito browsing
  • Multi tabs opened at same time
  • Fast downloads
  • Synchronize across devices
  • Search intelligence
  • Data saving mode
  • Privacy settings
  • Auto filling feature
  • Voice search
  • Personalized recommendations, etc

Mozilla Firefox browser features

Firefox update

  • Fast and smart
  • Multi device including PC, Mobile and Tablet
  • Private browsing mode
  • Synchronize across devices
  • Intuitive visual and numbered tabs
  • Popular sites access, etc

Chrome Vs Firefox

From the above and taking into account the install figures where Chrome stands at 5,000,000,000+ and Firefox at 1,000,000,000+, a very big difference does exist. The figures indicate that users seem to prefer Chrome over Firefox which easily answers the question above.

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However, both the two browsers are good when it comes to performance. They are all offered at free of charge and has option to request desktop version when being used n mobile devices.

Both have user ratings of 4+ from 15,231,097 raters for Chrome and 3,242,063 for Firefox. And still, this figure shows how the American tech giant’s web client takes the lead.

Download APK

Download Chrome here. Download Firefox here. These are the Google play store application download links. You can still get them from other sites on the web.

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Google Chrome Crosses 5,000,000,000+ Installs Vs Firefox’s 100,000,000+

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