Google’s Latest Hummingbird Update and Its Impact

In the past, it was common that whenever Google updated the Penguin and Panda, approximately 5 percent of searches and rewarded websites that were rich in the quality and useful content where by those sites with poor quality content and adding no value to their users were severely penalized, and something which changed this time. The latest Hummingbird update from Google is different from its other updates since the internet Giant did make changes about how its search engine will read and react to queries made by the web search and internet users when typing and it is estimated that the update is most likely to affect 90 percent of the searches.

Google to Analyze Entire Paragraphs and Web Pages

Prior to this latest update, Google was known to generating search results whenever a search query was made by way of recognizing those websites and webpages which contained specific and targeted keywords as was typed by a user, and where by webmasters always emphasized in positioning keywords in strategic places like in the first sentence of an article, or in the header of a page as a way of ranking higher in SERPs.

However, with the rolling out of the Hummingbird update, Google made serious changes where by will now the search crawlers will now scrutinize the entire paragraphs and webpages when looking for the best and matching contents for example by putting more emphasis on the meaning of paragraphs and full pages rather than just keywords. And to learn more about how it works, you can check out Digital marketing companies

End of Keywords!

While many may think that this Google’s latest update looks an end to keywords, the answer is No since keywords are not dying out completely. The main focus of the update is all about evading the use of the same keywords again and again in your contents by introducing a more straightforward definition of the content webpages as opposed to what many have been used to. This therefore means that in order for any website to rank higher in the SERPs, it is important for webmasters to build pages with a target of satisfying the needs or intents of ones prospective customers other than for search crawlers.

Impact on Content

As an online content writer and marketer, you must be willing to churn out content that satisfies your user intentions and which is TRUE as far content is concerned where by they need to be rich, be in-depth and useful in addition to being most relevant for any search query which users may happen to perform. And for those Websites which have much focus on developing rich and in-depth contents are the ones which will be able to answer to a more comprehensive user queries instead of some keywords or search terms like its been for the past times. And therefore, such websites which are rich in the above as in offering and providing valuable and useful information to users will get better ranks with this latest Google update.

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Besides churning out valuable content, webmasters will also be required to set up well-designed and thought-out webpages with a target of enabling Google spiders easily find out matchless contents and remember, this new update will as well look into conversational search location, underscore context, user intentions, complex queries and many others than just looking at keywords.

Impact on Mobile Traffic

Several researches conducted have showed  that the number of users who are using the internet on their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets is most likely to exceed the number of those who will be using a computers like desktops and laptops when accessing the world wide web or the internet come year 2015 and beyond.

When users speak a phrase out into their mobile devices, the sentences are much lengthier and longer as opposed to when a user types the same keyword phrases when using a laptop or a computer, and which implies that the Google’s Hummingbird up date is was intended to responding more to those longer search queries than the shorter ones and that is why it is estimated that this will in turn have a much more impact on the mobile related traffic and search engine results.

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