Guide to Correct Uganda National ID Details

Change Uganda national ID errors

Whether you want to correct your date of birth, names, parents names, resident and any other information on your NIRA issued Uganda national ID card, going through this post will teach you how to do it yourself and easily.

What is important for you to note is that any alteration you want enforced on your national Identity card will require you to pay the required fees in the bank before proceeding with the process.

The national identification registration authority (NIRA) requires all those individuals who wish to correct errors on their ID cards to submit an application of course with supporting documents for example a birth certificate and or court affidavit and or any other document together with a copy of the ID, and a payment slip from the bank to their offices currently Kololo since this is where this can be done.

The applicant or one who wants to alter or change details or make corrections must him or herself be present for fresh fingerprinting and confirmation of the details.

Once you are ready to do so, you should follow the below procedures so as to correct the details. Please note that this guide is based on what exactly I did and succeeded.

Requirements to apply for Uganda national details correction

  • Copy of the current ID
  • Dully filled and signed NIRA form 1
  • Proof of bank payment.
  • Supporting documents with correct details

How to process a national ID card errors change

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to Forms > Forms for Registration of Persons
  3. Download Form 1 Notification of change-error in information register
  4. Fill the downloaded form correctly and sign it.
  5. Visit
  6. Generate and print the National ID card payment PRN.
  7. Take the Payment form to the bank and make a payment.
  8. Process all supporting documents

You should now attach all the above including filled form , bank payment receipt, all other supporting documents and submit them to Kololo for validation. Once you are done, you will be told where and when to pick your replacement Uganda national ID card with correct details.

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  1. Sophia N says:

    Hello, how long did it take for you to receive your new corrected national ID after you had submitted all requirements at Kololo?

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