H12-Media.com Reviews: CPC/CPM Ads Network Company

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H12 Media Ads Network

This is a review of H12-Media.com CPC / CPM Ads network company which offers up to 100% fill rates. If you have been hearing about this company but not knowing what exactly it is, and or wanting to know detailed facts about this Advertising network company, this article is a must read for you for it will help you understand every part of what you have been searching for.

Just like the name suggests, H12 Media is an Advertising network just like other providers you know, have heard of or read from other reviews. The only difference with H12-Media.com is the way it works, what one needs to join, the minimum requirements, the type of ads served on your site, the ease of use and something to do with Payments proofs and so forth. Lets go through it as seen below.

What exactly is h12 media?

This is an advertising network which allows publishers to earn money by way of displaying H12-client served ads on their sites either by CPC (cost per click) or CPM (pay per impression) basis. In any way, once you have an approved site, you earn depending on what exactly you want.

How do you join h12 media ad network as publisher?

Joining h12 media ad network is pretty simple and very easy. All one needs to open this link and create an account at free. Publishers must have websites which meets the minimum requirements which is Traffic in order to start serving ads as all sites go through approval process.

Does h12 media support smart advertising?

The answer to this question is YES. H12 media ads can be viewed both on computers, tablets and mobile smart devices or phones. This means that as a publisher, you stand chances of earning from all your visitors no matter the kind of device they are using eg smart phones.

How do you get paid with h12 media ads?

According to their faqs page, H12 Media currently supports Paypal and Wire Transfer payment options. You can either get paid through PayPal if you have an account and or Wire Transfer depending on your choice. Please note that the current minimum payout limit to “Paypal” is 25 USD, and 500 USD for “Wire Transfer”.

Are their any h12 media payment proof?

H12 Media PayPal Payment Proof

True, you can check out the different H12 media payment proofs for example from Google image search. Additionally, you can be able to see all payments one received on a daily basis by logging into the account and going to Payments. You can also see that screenshot above.

How do you h12 media login?

Logging to your publisher or advertiser account is very simple. You simply need to access the login URL, enter your credentials and prove you are not a bot then login. It takes a few seconds for anyone to log in depending on ones internet connect speed.

What fill rate does H12 Media ads offer?

Taking an example of what I know, the fact is that what you chose when adding the code determines the fill rate. For as long as your domain is not blacklisted, you can even have up to 100% fill rate assuming you use the standard placement which serves both CPC and CPM. But if you chose CPM only and too set your price, then you will receive partial fill depending your the traffic quality and advertiser settings.

Any other h12 media earning ways available?

If you want to earn extra on top of ad publishing, then you can join the H12 Media referral program which is free to join. You will always earn something off your referrals who joined under your link and you will both earn. That is an added option for you.

Is h12 media legit or scam?

As always, I am not a kind who will simply jump onto conclusions just because others said so. I joined this advertising company and ads are already serving in addition to monies being credited onto my account. I will surely come back and update you once I too get a payment. But still, so far all I know is that this company is a legitimate one and worth to try out. Just in case you want to join, use my affiliate link so you enjoy the benefits like I am doing.

In case you have been wondering on whether you should join this ad network company or not, I am sure this review has been very helpful to you, and that you can now make an informed choice. Sometimes it is worth to have a try of something than simply ignoring it since the truth sometimes can only be revealed by you yourself.

UPDATE: H12-Media did send me my payment – see h12-media payment proof here, just shortly after sending in the withdraw request. I must admit that I was indeed surprised to learn that they sent me the payment almost instantly through PayPal.

H12-Media.com Reviews: CPC/CPM Ads Network Company

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