Halcyon Mk9 Rider Classic Motorcycle Goggles Review

Wondering if you shoould go for Halcyon Mk9 Rider Classic Googles? Read my review about these British hand stitched and hand made classic motorcycle goggle/ classic flying goggles. They are made of Soft PVC Leather Material Fitted with high quality synthetic leather, hand stitched over soft padded foam. These Halcyon goggles mask fits securely and comfortably against the face, providing comfort for long journeys.

Anti-Fog Protected The brass goggle frames have four small vents pressed into the metal with the opening facing away from direction of travel. The vents allow just enough airflow behind the lenses to prevent misting, but not enough to cause irritation to the eyes when travelling at speed in windy conditions or cold weather conditions.

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WW2 Classic British Style The Halcyon goggle style has remained the same for over 70 years, as first worn by RAF pilots during world war two. Moving through the ages the traditional goggle style has continued to be a unique and fashionable whether you are a Classic Motorcyclist, an open top vintage car owner, a Mod with an old Lambretta or Vespa or even a Steampunk enthusiasts.

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Unique Goggle Features Over the many years Halcyon have introduced some additional features to our Traditional Mark 49 Goggle:

Redesigned Headband Clips This allows the goggles to be worn over open faced crash helmets while maintaining a close fit to the face.

Adjustable Nose screw The nose-bridge screw is made from a high quality stainless steel threaded screw, which can be adjusted between the eye frames to allow for perfect comfort

Non-Slip Silicone Headband Three silicone strips have been placed inside of the elasticated headband to ensure the goggles remain securely in place against the surface of a motorcycle helmet or when worn over a traditional leather or driving helmet or pilot headgear.

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