Have You Considered Concrete Furniture For Your Home

Concrete is not just for your driveways and sidewalks anymore. It is now making its way into the home in the form of furniture. This may come as a surprise to people- often, the first thing people think of when they think of concrete is a rough, dirty, grey surface you walk on. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Although concrete will always have its uses in sidewalks, it is now making its way into the home as a durable and stylish building material, and multiple color, texture, and finish choices available allow you to show your unique style through the use of this natural material. Concrete furniture is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s a great way to have durable pieces of furniture that add character and warmth to your house with little to no maintenance.

Concrete doesn’t have to be rough or gray- it’s just that most concrete we see is rough and grey. It can actually be ground or polished into a wide variety of textures and can be colored so well that it will easily match any home’s color pallet.

However, concrete furniture can be costly. Much of it comes in the form of custom made pieces. This is a more expensive process than found with your typical mass produced items, but those who do invest in concrete furniture find they have pieces that satisfy their needs for decades to come- in fact, your concrete furniture may outlast you.


• Durable – Concrete furniture can handle the abuse from pets and children. Your initial investment will definitely pay off over time.
• Design – Concrete is mixed and poured. This gives you the option of selecting from a large variety of designs and styles. Pieces can be curved, straight, or free form.
• Color – Furnishings made of concrete can be painted or stained.
• Finish – Concrete doesn’t have to look like an outside park bench. It can be polished to a texture or shine of your liking.
• Uniqueness – Concrete furniture can be a piece of art or a great conversation piece within the home.
• Adaptable – Because concrete furniture is mostly custom made, it can be designed to perfectly fit small or awkward spaces.
• A Natural Look – Concrete fits in nicely with other natural elements like wood, leather, and metal.


• Due to the fact that concrete furniture is quite heavy, you need to make sure your floors can support the piece.
• Concrete is a spongy stuff and needs to be sealed for many types of furniture.
• Concrete furnishings can be discolored by acid and oil based products.
• It needs to be skillfully installed.

In all honestly, the expense of concrete furniture and difficulty people have in moving it are the most glaring disadvantages to concrete furniture. It is certainly not for everyone, but those who have the money to afford it will certainly continue to invest in it.

Options for Concrete Furniture inside the Home

Concrete furniture works very well inside of the home. It is quite functional and very sturdy. Concrete got its start inside by being used for counter tops. The look was appealing, and people wanted more of it. It can be ornate or simple in design. Many homeowners are pleased with what is the most obvious benefit of concrete furniture- it’s low maintenance and upkeep requirements. The following pieces are just a sample of what can be created from concrete for the backyard and patio area.

• Countertops
• Tables
• Benches
• Bookcases
• Sinks
• Showers
• Chairs

Options for Concrete Furniture Outdoors

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The most common placement of concrete furniture is in the backyard or patio, due to its ability to stand up to the elements, like wind and rain. Concrete furniture also does an excellent job complimenting the natural beauty of your surroundings. Using decorative concrete furnishings allows the homeowner to create wonderful spaces outdoors where family and friends can relax and enjoy themselves. Concrete is most commonly used in the production of the following backyard items:
• Planters
• Lounges
• Fire Pits
• Tables
• Chairs
• Benches

Although these items seem basic, it’s not so much the item itself but the color and glazing that matters the most. Concrete items can be made to fit any surrounding and style if colored, glazed, and textured correctly.

Used both indoors and out, concrete furniture is becoming a very popular choice in home furnishings. Its durability, style, and unique look make the investment in these pieces well worth the expense. A piece of concrete furniture will outlast many other forms of furniture, and it eliminates the need to continually replace favorite items. Consider concrete furniture for your next home furnishing purchase.

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