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HCBL bank is known for its relevant banking and financial services provided by it to its customers since nine years ago. Many of the customers have been benefited by its quick and updated banking system which has removed all previous documentary barriers which used to disappoint the customers causing delay in the transactions and services. Due to large number of customers it is very essential to have all updated means of banking to complete the transaction with in time and to serve each and every customer equally to satisfy them most. One of the most essential services of the bank is loaning facility.

Customers need loan at every stages of their life for many purposes like for house, car, education and many more. Usually the kind of loan facility bank provides is the main criteria to judge the services of a bank.

Loan facilities of HCBL Bank – HCBL has been providing various kinds of loan facilities to its customers. Few of the loan facilities of HCBL bank are given below-

HCBL Ashray – This loan is provided to for residential purpose to the customers like purchase of house, construction, maintenance and renovation, purchase and take over. If the loan is taken for residential purpose then building is needed to be constructed within one year.

Minimum income of the loan applicant should be Rs 10,000 net salary for salaried person and Rs 1,50,000/- annual income for self employed. Minimum amount of loan could be taken is rupees one lakh while maximum amount is rupees seventy lakh. For repairs, alteration and addition minimum amount could be taken is rupees fifty thousand and maximum amount is Rupees in rural and semi urban and five lakh in metro and urban area. The tenure of the loan is twenty years generally and margin of the loan is usually fifteen per cent of the loan and forty per cent in case of land finance.

HCBL Vidya – This loan is especially designed for to the students for carrying the professional courses like engineering, medical, computers, aeronautics and marine engineering courses etc.

This loan is especially or 14 years age students to 26 years age students. This loan is to be repaid six months after the completion of the course or 2 months after the job which eve is earlier. The maximum amount of loan could be taken is rupees ten lakh.

When the amount of the finance is less than one lakh them two guarantors while when amount is more than rupees one lakh the collateral security in the form of title deed, LIC, term deposit, liquid assets and marketable securities etc are acceptable.

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The expenses covered in the loan are needed to be supported by the bill and receipts. It included all kinds of expenses like fee payable, examination fee, books and equipments, boarding and lodging etc. The maximum term of loan is five years to seven years, depending upon the length of the course.

There are many other types’ of loans provided by the HCBL Tathastu with very relevant terms and conditions. Tathastu for your all wishes by HCBL Bank. HCBL Bank provides finance services, deposit scheme, Housing loan, Car loan, personal, education loan at low interest because Yeh Bank Zara Kuchh Khaas Hai.

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