How Much Are Stamps Going Up To In 2020?

For those who use Postal services more often, it is very important for you to note that several changes with regard to the cost of stamp (s) will be put in place in the next coming days while others may have already notices the changes in the price of postage. If you were asking yourself the question of How much are stamps going up to in 2020 or even when the price is gonna go up, the answer is right within this post.

Giant provider, USPS or call it the United State Postal Services announced that “there will be an increase of 3.9 percent for priority express mail and 5.9 percent for raise for priority mail” and also a 5 cents increase in the Stamps postage forever

What does this mean? With the new changes in place starting January 27, 2020, the following are likely to be the new costs.

How much are Postage stamps costs in 2020

  • Forever Stamp – 55 cents
  • Metered Letter – 50 cents
  • Additional Ounce –  15 cents
  • Small Flat Rate Box – $7.90
  • Retail Medium Retail Flat Rate Box – $14.35
  • Retail Large Flat Rate Box – $19.95
  • Retail Large Flat Rate Box APO/FPO/DPO – $18.45
  • Retail Regular Flat Rate Envelope – $7.35
  • Retail Legal Size Flat Rate Envelopes – $7.65
  • Retail Padded Flat Rate Envelopes – $8.00
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The above are announced new stamp and postage rates or call them costs by USPS. You might want to inquire from your provider when and how much the cost of stamps is in 2020 as that will give you a clear picture on what to do and what you should expect when posting for example a postcard, large envelope, square envelop no matter where you are posting eg to Canada, UK, India and etc.

For those in Uganda, you can try out the Uganda Post and make an inquire with regard to both Express, Regular and EMS post and stamp services you are clear on the amount you are supposed to spend when sending whatever to your loved ones. Every new year tends to come with new things and so to the amount of money which changes from time to time for the different services.

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