How To Use Your Dreams To Overcome Undesired Behaviors – Interpretation Of Dreams And Quitting Addictions

Hundreds of books have been written about the meaning of dreams. Many of them cannot be taken very seriously. There are a few scientific approaches on how to interpret dreams, though. There seems to be agreement on at least ten different dreams and what these dreams mean. Analyzing dreams can help us overcome undesired behavior and addictions, in particularly.

Dreams are the bridge to your subconscious mind

Millions of adults suffer from smoking, drinking, gambling, excessively watching adult movies on the internet etc. They try to stop their addictive behavior and usually don’t succeed. In most cases, people are not even aware of the underlying reasons for undesired behavior. Usually, these lie in the subconscious mind. Dreams often reveal those connections as they play with images and feelings stored a long time ago and mix them with current events from everyday life. When we wake up we should write down what we dreamt about. During the day we should take half an hour and reflect those dreams. What do they want to tell us and how can that help us solving our problems? Let’s have a look at some of the most typical dreams and the most common interpretations.

Rivers, sunshine and dark clouds

  • Rivers, waterfalls, creeks and other forms of fresh water represent peace and serenity. In contrast, if the water is grey and old there might be problems in your life that you should deal with. Your undesired behavior whether it’s addictions or others might be a way that you chose in order to avoid and forget those problems. However, you can’t and they follow you in your dreams.
  • Similar to grey water are dark clouds and a grey sky. In contrast, blue sky represents freedom. When you dream of blue sky, analyze the days before. What good might have happened that caused you to dream of blue sky and of freedom? Whatever it was try to integrate more of it into your life. It’s a great sign to dream of blue sky while you try to overcome an addiction or other bad habits. This shows that you’re on the right way.
  • Sunshine and comfortable temperatures stand for affection, trust and optimism. Bad weather and cold could mean that you feel isolated and left alone. Maybe you should take some initiative to meet new people or reactivate old friendships. Good social contacts facilitate giving up undesired behaviors.

Moving home, escaping and nudity

  • If you’re moving home or travel in your dreams, you’re probably undergoing changes in your life. Think about whether you took enough time to digest those changes. You should take ten minutes every day to reflect upon your life.
  • You’re trying to escape but struggle: the stress in your everyday life might be too much. Consider time management courses and reflect upon priorities in your life. Think about reducing your work load and about letting go of certain things in your life. Relaxation training could be helpful as well.
  • Are you naked in your dreams? Nudity means vulnerability – unless it’s adult content in your dreams. In the context of addictions and unwanted behavior, vulnerability could mean that you’re afraid that others find out about your weaknesses. Maybe you feel unprotected against further consequences of your bad behavior. These kind of dreams are strong indications that you should make a solid plan how to overcome your problems. The more you believe in your plans the more you will feel confident and the less you will dream about being vulnerable.

Free fall, death and going back to when you were a boy or a girl

  • Falling is one of the most common nightmares, especially early in life. It’s a symbol of being let down. When you were a child you felt let down by your parents. If you dream about falling when you’re an adult you might feel pushed back and isolated. Maybe there are problems in your relationship. You might display the undesired behavior in order to feel better and obviously this is no solution in the long run.
  • When you dream of dying it could mean that your subconscious mind is handling the transition between two periods in your life. Something might have come to an end. Does that create tension in you? Does this tension make you escape into addictive behavior like smoking, drinking, gambling or into other undesired behavior?
  • If your dreams take you back to the place where you lived as a child or teenager it could mean that there are traumatic experiences that you have not processed, yet. Problems at school, bullying, abuse at home, fears etc. In order to solve problems that you’re facing in your life right now it might be worth spending some time addressing the issues from the past.
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The first thing to do in the morning…

After waking up, take a few minutes to write down whatever happened in your dream. Have a piece of paper and a pen right next to your bed as we tend to forget details about our dreams within five minutes. When you reflect upon your dreams try to establish connections with the behavior that you want to give up.

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