How To Access Statcounter WordPress Blog Stats Directly Within Your Site Dashboard

Ever wondered whether its possible to manage your WordPress blog in addition to accessing all of your Statcounter site statistics directly from your website dashboard without the need to log in separately in a new tab or window? The answer is that its possible to do and its hassle free the moment you follow the right procedures.

I have tested this personally on one of my sites and have proved it to be working best. This means that you too can use the procedure below since it helps in reducing the time taken to open multiple tabs since a single click takes you directly to your site Statcounter stats while at the same time allowing you to do all other usual blog tasks within the same window.

Whether you want to check your visited pages, to check the exit links, to check the most visited blog and content pages, to check Google keywords used to arrive on your site, to know the number of visits and hits per day, to compare trends and or anything else, you will still be able to do that using the same procedure.

And if you want to test how it and or to use it as your way when accessing your data, below are what you need to do to get started.

1. Start by creating a statcounter account, claim, add and verify your site using your choice.

2. Now install the Statcounter plugin on your site (assuming you never used it to verify) and add corresponding required information.

3. Now visit WordPress site dashboard and look out for Statcounter stats link which is located on the upper side next to home and updates.

4. Log in using your Statcounter account information and you will be ready to see and view all stats at glance.

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  1. Kristov says:

    there is no need really, just login their homepage.

    keep it light and faster code in the new plugin here:

    don’t use old plugin it got errors in the browser console… cheers bro

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