How To Access & Tranfer Webiste Files Using Windows Command Line FTP

Accessing, Upload and Transferring your Website Files using Windows OS Command Line File Transfer service is one thing which many out there seem not to understand how it works yet its something which is very simple and easy as compared to other FTP services like Desktop ones and the Web based one but only to those who know how exactly its procedures works. I came to realize this when I was searching the internet on the different question and answer sites where I found related questions sitting very idle without any answers being given, and which prompted me to write and share what I know so that even those who have been having the same question can find out the best solution to their questions.

We all know it that Windows Operating System by Microsoft has more than a single feature by default and that is why very many Computers users out there prefer it as compared to others. Among the features include the one known Troubleshooter as many refer to it and which is the Windows Command Line shortened as CMD. Also known as Windows Command Processor, it is known to providing entry points for Microsoft Disk Operating System or MS‑DOS Command typing and any other computer related commands which are very helpful when it comes to performing ones tasks on his or her computer without using the default Windows graphical interface, and that is why many refer to Windows CMD as an Advanced users feature other than for beginners.

The Windows CMD can be used to execute features like Append, Call, Break, Atmadm, Cacls and many others include FTP and which is our main topic here. And in case you were still wondering how exactly you can go about the process of accessing, transferring and or uploading your website files using your computer without any other application like FileZilla, just keep reading since you will be able discover it in the next coming lines below.

How To Get Started

1. Click on Start, go to Run and type CMD in the box provided as shown in image below.

2. In the CMD.exe pop up after CDocuments and SettingsAccount>, type ftp your-domain name as seen below and Hit enter.

3. Enter your Username after successful connection and hit enter.

4. Enter your password, hit enter and wait for a few seconds.

A list of commands to use include some below;

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LIST  – List of files in your FTP server.
DELE – Delete
QUIT – Quit connection.
STOR – Save a file to the host dir.
ABOR – To cancel a file transfer.
MKD – To make a directory.
TYPE – Set transfer type
RETR  – To Download.

Now you will get a display message of successful login and according to your FTP set up in your control panel, you will be able to do whatever you need in your files folders.

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