How To Activate High Speed Internet On Android Manually

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With an increase in the number of Android phones including Samsung, Tecno, iTel, Motorolla, etc being used by many, the need for high speed internet has also increased. This is due to the benefits associated for example, access to social media, YouTube streaming, making money, etc which users enjoy once connected.

While telecom companies try to automatically push internet settings on the different phones, not all of them are supported. This means that for such Android phones, access to high speed internet can only be achieved by manually activating the settings on such a mobile.

If you happen to search the different stores which deal in mobile devices, you will realize how internet enabled gadgets are on an increased demand as compared to the non-gprs, wap, edge, 3g, 4g and other supported devices.

When I wrote some articles some time back which were all about how to set up gprs/wap/internet for china made phones,  readers requested for this and I am honoring the request. If you are looking for how to activate high speed internet on any android manually, this post has the answer.

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  • Your provider APN
  • Provider port number
  • IP Address
  • Provider homepage
  • APN protocol

Activating high speed internet on any Android

  • Tap “apps”
  • Tap “settings”
  • Tap “Mobile Network”
  • Tap “Access point names”
  • Tap “New APN”
  • Fill in all required details
  • Save settings

For example, type provider name under apn name and provider apn address (the one you got from your provider) under apn, select pap under authentication type, ipv4 under apn protocol.

Note: The above settings works perfectly on all Android phones including Samsung, etc. In case you find it hard finding your provider settings, you can refer to our APN settings category, and or call your service provider customer service center for example Airtel Uganda on 100 toll free.

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