How To Activate Office 2019 Free Without Software?

office 2019 retail activationI will show you how to activate office 2019 without any software or product key for Mac and any other computer of choice. This was the subject of the email I received from an unknown sender though it contained a link to click on in order to get more details about the entire office 2019 professional plus activation.

The same email shared with me the fact that I could also be in position to to activate  office 2019 by phone, KMS and also offer me a preview or a key in case I wanted. This email made me wonder if indeed it was very possible to have the product activated that easy and imagine by phone.

When I continued reading, the sender said, I am a guru at making this happen. I am good at office and will help you to activate office 2019 with or without any software for as long as you pay. That is when I came back to my senses since I am a kind who will not simply fall in to any email I come across for as long as it involves sending payment by wire or whatever kind one says.

The legit way to activate office 2019

As far as I know, when you buy a genuine office product, you are given a unique product activation key. This I think is what exactly happens when you purchase office 2019 professional plus and flat. A licence key is provided so you can make use of your product without any worries.

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I have also seen trials or previews offered for those who simply want to try out for example, my 2017 office allows me to use it with a warning of the trial having elapsed. I am very sure most of the offices products work the same way. Activating can only be done using the genuine way offered by office.

But wait, there is this software known as OS active. I remember using it to activate my office 2017 and since then, it no longer warns. You can check it on by searching on Google. Also, there are other lots of tutorials you can find online about free office activation which you might try and see if they at all works. My question, is it possible to activate office 2019 without any software or key?

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