How To Add New Class In URA Uganda Driving Permit – Upgrade To A, B, CM, CH, DL, DM, DH, E, F, G, H & I Clases

Add Class In URA Drivers Licence How to add a new class in a URA Ugandan driving permit, the fees associated when upgrading from drivers license class to another, the procedure one is supposed to follow, the forms one is supposed to fill, and how to go about the entire new extension right from Uganda revenue authority to Kyambogo face technologies are some of those questions many people ask themselves. And yes, if you are among those many, reading this post will help you right from your very first question, to the last one provided you are ready and willing.

In Uganda, the URA takes on the payment handling when it comes to upgrading a drivers license, and or to add a new class from the current one you are having to another of your choice. For example, you may be having class B and want to upgrade to CM, or from B to A, or from CM to CH, DL, DM, E, F, G, H or even I. This is where you need to read this post as it entails the different how to go with regard.

Whether you are looking for how to add a new class, what amount of money you are supposed to pay, where you should get the class from, how to handle the test, how to pass the drivers test for your new class and any other, all you need is very simple to follow the steps and guidelines below.

Steps to follow when adding a new URA driving permit class

Know which class you have and what you want – Knowing what class you want to upgrade to is crucial. This is because of the fact that not every class qualifies for another. For example, from Class B to A is possible at any time while from Class B to for example CM is possible on conditions.

Know the time frame – Understanding whether its the right time is vital. For example, it requires one to be on the road for up to 3 years to qualify from Class B to CM. This means that from when your permit was issued, you need to take up to 3 years to get another class which is not A.

Get a driving certificate for your Class – It is required for you to have gone through the driving school to upgrade to a new class. Yes, you are issued a certificate which you should go with when testing at the IOV center.

Pay URA test fees – If you meet the above, then begin by paying the URA test fees. Read on how to process a URA PRN (Payment registration number) with URA.

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Go to the IOV testing center – Carry your photocopy of your current driving permit, attach all other required details like the driving school certificate and go to the test center. If you are lucky, you will be worked on that same day and or, you will book and be told when to come back for the test.

Pay URA class extension fees – Assuming you have passed the test, you should go back to URA portal and generate a new class extension PRN. Pay it in the bank and follow below.

Go to Kyambogo Face Technologies – Once you are done with all the above, the next step is to carry your current original driving permit, a UCDP medical form, your IOV stamped papers confirming of a new class, the URA extension payment and take them to Kyambogo. You will pay the required fees and you will be issued a temporary driving permit on paper until one week when you should collect the small original permit. In case you feel stranded at any step, don’t hesitate to call me up on 0752009001 for instant and quicker professional help.

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  1. Lutaaya jamir says:

    As per now fr me iwant to do2thngs at the same tym renewal /class is it possible …..from H -cm

  2. Ssennuni Emmanuel says:

    I sennuni emmanuel my driving permit expired in 01/12/2016, it is like five to six month with out renewal or extension due to luck of money with that am worried of disconnected from the computer, but am requesting this month or next month i will be able to renew and add class(CH).

  3. Erute Ivan says:

    What Is The Clear Figure Of Renewing And Adding A Class?

  4. Miti says:

    Whats the time frame required to up grade from class B to class DL

  5. onencan emmanuel says:

    why is the time frame for class upgrade from class B to cm 3years? cant i upgrade even after one year.

  6. musoke says:

    Helpful thanks

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