How To Add Your Own Custom Comment Rules On Your WordPress Site

In simple terms, a rule may refer to a guide on how one would like something to be done. This means that any failure for the end user to abide and or follow the defined rules may lead him or her not to achieve what the target was for example a comment not being approved, and so when it comes to the comment rules on any website or blog. Well as most webmasters would allow any kind of comments including spam, there are those who would like to keep their website or website comments look good and targeted, just like you see most of the WordPress sites look like for example with no spams comments and in order to achieve such a thing, one need to know how to add an own custom comment rules on his or website just like you will discover below.

And for whatever your reason might be, the whole process of getting started towards adding your own custom comment rules on your WordPress site just like see them on this site is so simple provided you follow the simple procedures below. This is intended to let the commenters know in Advance what you need and whgat should be followed.

Note : You should ensure that you first do a back up of your CSS before you start editing it and in case of any failure, you will be able to save the default CSS so as to restore anything which would have gone wrong.

1. Log in to your WordPress site and go to appearence.

2. Scroll down to Editor and look out for the comments.php section.

3. Use commands CTRL + F and search for the code below.

<h3><?php _e(‘Leave a Reply’, ‘yourthemenamehere’); ?></h3>
<div class=”rule”>

4. Now these lines below the code above and click on update.

<h5>Custom Rules Title here</h5>
<li>Rule number one</li>
<li>Rule number two</li>
<li>Rule number three</li>
<li>Rule numvber four</li>

The outcome of the above code will be just next to your comment box.

Custom Rules Title here
Rule number one
Rule number two
Rule number three
Rule numvber four

Now preview one of your posts and see if it looks like the above. One additional thing you should know is that in the ‘yourthemenameabove”, that will be your theme title name for example “twentyeleven’.


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