How To Alter WordPress Post/Page Title Color Without Editing Your CSS

You have always seen many Blogs have different color titles when posting the different articles not so? You know nothing about programming and which means that you can’t edit your CSS to make such changes not so? But the truth is that you too would love to alter your Blog post titles to look the way you want by changing the default colors just like you see my Blog having different color titles.. No worry, this post is gonna take you through the steps to do so without seeking the advice of a web designer and without touching your delicate CSS styling.

Lets agree it that WordPress is indeed a content management system due to its features and add ons which include the availability of the different plugins which can be used to change ones Blog to the way he or she wants it to be.

In the same tutorial, we are going to have everything changed with a simple use of a Plugin which only takes you a minute to download, install, activate and have your titles changed instantly. Title Colors is the plugin am talking about and can be downloaded free from the WordPress plugins directory

How To Get Started In Order To Change Your Post/Page Titles

1. Begin by visiting the plugin author page and download the plugin.

2. And alternatively, you can visit WP plugin directory, search for Title Colors and download it.

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3. You can too log in to your WP site admin back-end, go to plugin and search for Title Colors.

4. Download, install the plugin and activate it.

Go to create new post or edit your existing post, click on the Title Color New Menu in the same line where tags and categories are located and change to the colors you want to have as your title and save your posts. You are done and your blog posts will have the set color.

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