How To Apply/Get A New Driving Permit/License With URA

URA Driving Permit Looking on how to apply for a new Driving Permit In Uganda? You have been driving illegally for all the past time not so? Or you were conned during the lat time you tried to get a drivers license and now you have realized how you have a fake one? Or you are new in the driving field and all you need is to get yourself a new and legit drivers permit so that you do things the right way?

For whatever your case may be, this article will help you with all the guide and step by step you need to do from getting started to apply for a new driving permit in Uganda to the very last step of having the license in your hands.

Get theseĀ application form A and form B for new driving permit. Fill in all the required details and too take the medical form to the health provider for check up. Check the URA website and navigate to Payment Registration for the two.

After printing the Test fees payment slip, choose new Tax head Provisional DP and print that again. Now go to the bank you selected while filling the online form and make a payment of the two receipts. Now go to Kyambogo for a Scan and a provisional DP issuing. You must indicate that you are applying for a provisional DP while filling the forms.

Enter your email, select new user, enter name, wait, add and finish all using this Free.

Collect the Police medical form and your driving test form from where you learnt how to drive and take them to where they should be for example the hospital for verification. Attach the above, two recent passport photographs and the provisional DP you got from Kyambogo and take them to the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV) for a drivers test depending on the permit class you did apply for i.e B or A for beginners. Once the test is over, the IOV will let you know when your CC number will be forwarded and readily available at any URA branch of his or her choice and which you must wait for.

Follow steps 1-3 in Phase one above and then add the below ones. Select Full DP 3 years and fill in the details. Print the payment form and head to the chosen bank to enact your payment. Get bank payment receipt, attach it with the Provisional DP the IOV returned to you and hand them at the IOV recommended Face branch.

Go back to Kyambogo and get your Provisional DP. Just in case you want quick help, call or whatsapp me on 0752009001


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  1. i need a drivers licence as fast as possible

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    1. Call +256752009001 and see how you will be helped with regard to the express service..

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  2. hw long does a driving permit take to be processed and do dey also have express

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    1. Call this number +256752009001 and see a way to helped

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  3. How much,extension will cast me? My permit is 5yrs,I began with B after 3yrs,I extended A so now I want DL

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    1. Call 0752009001 for some guide and help.

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  4. Is it possible to be given a class A and B permit at once as a beginner?

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  5. I want to renew my permit plus adding a new class from b to cm what’s process I should follow

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    1. Its expiring on 22nd feb

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  6. Ssembuusi Richard

    What is to extent end my driving permit when is steel valid for one year and adding in CM class?

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    1. Hey, you only qualify to get a class for the first time after 3 years. And depending on the class you want, it can take you additional 1 0r 2 years eg for Taxi DL. For CM, only 3 years is required. Your age also matters.

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  7. shaka kindha musa

    i want forms of geting a driving permit

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  8. karungi charleas

    Can i renew my driving licence after it had expired for two years?

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    1. No! You can’t renew that permit any longer. You will need to process a new DP with URA. Check out their branch offices closer to you, and or call 0752009001 if you want a quick processing!

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  9. Document Processors Uganda

    Do you Need a TIN number fast? We process TIN numbers and Drivers Licenses in Only 2 days. Everything is legitimate.

    Call 0752009001 for a reliable service.

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