How To Apply/Get An EPA Prepaid MasterCard/Account

The only way to apply and get an EPA Prepaid MasterCard is creating an account with Electronic Payments Association. EPA is another eCommerce (e-Payment) service provider which allows members to pay and receive payments which can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Prepaid MasterCard which is issued to the member by EPA. Other than using the traditional bank account method, Electronic Payments Association uses what is known as an e-Wallet and WebMoney system which serves all functions of a bank account and to many, they take the service as an alternative to other providers like Payoneer.

With Electronic Payments Association (EPA) account, you can pay, get paid, transfer funds to other users, fund your e-Walled using bank transfers and do many others just like what other similar providers do and in case you were wondering how you can apply for and create your membership account, just keep reading since you will get to know all the steps you need to follow in order to complete your application successfully in this help tutorial.

How To Get Started? Before you can start about anything, you will need to visit, click on the Sign Up button and enter the following below.

1. Personal information – This includes your Full names, citizenship, gender, date of birth, national ID number with its expiRy date and contact phone number.

2. Residential address – This includes your country, your city, country postal code and your address line.

3. Security details – This include your email address, your password, your security question and security answer.

4. And for your e-Payments Prepaid MasterCard®, you NEED to check the corresponding box, enter your preferred access code (the code which you will use to activate the card when it arrives and choose your prefered delivery type.

5. If you want to add a secondary email, you can click on optional contact information, add details and click next.

On the next page is where you will be able to submit your application form for consideration and on the page, you will find the different member agreements and terms which you must read well and carefully before you proceed. You should note that EPA accounts are designed to serve people like the internet traffic which includes pay-per-click/lead and revenue sharing services for example those who deal in web designing, web development, web application programming, web-hosting, content management, search engine optimization, web related support, domain name sales services, social marketing and media, web publishing, internet and online advertizing, social media optimization and others related.

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And once you are done reading through, you can check on the box to confirm the service terms, check optional choices if you wish for example accept your cookie usage, prevent the service from sending you marketing communication and any other. The next thing is to enter the prove you are not a bot words and clicking on submit membership application form. From there, you will get an acknowledgement email message and your application will be reviewed where by once its accepted, you will be sent an approval email message.

Once your application has been approved, you should wait for your Prepaid MasterCard which should be delivered to you within a period of 4 days to a full month depending on where you live and the delivery type you chose and you will be able to withdraw your earnings just like it works on PayPal and Payoneer.

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    without membership fee $34.99 you can not get this mastercard.

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