How To Auto Move Bulk/All WP Posts From Draft To Published Status & Vice Versa

Wondering on how you can automatically publish all of your WordPress bulk draft posts at once regardless of the number they are? How about doing the above with a single click on button? Do you have a multiple author website or blog where by its you to moderate, review and publish all posts? Hmmm, this article is purposely for the above where by reading it entirely will hep you find out how you can go about automating your postings from the different statuses.

Having too many draft posts in waiting to be published in your WordPress blog or website queue is one harder task many would want to avoid. But badly, WordPress by default has no such feature and option well as the bulk select is available. Yes, I have been trying this a number of times and all in vain. The good news however is that finally, I was able to find a way to do everything from instantly moving all draft posts to published, moving published posts to drafts and so to the different web pages.

The trick is very simple and easy – am so sure that you are right now wondering how it works and what exactly it is right? Okay, let me not waste so much of your time. I will share it with you right away. please note that this option words when you have downloaded and installed the WP plugin known as OneClickPublish.

What is OneClickPublish?

OneClickPublish is a simple handy plugin which does all of the above with a single button click. It helps much when it comes to moving your WP posts and pages from the different statuses as seen above for example from draft to publish and vice versa.

How To Use OneClickPublish plugin?

“This plugin is very simple to use . Just click on the “Published Post” tab to get list of all post that are published and to unpublish it just click on “Draft It” button to move that post to draft. To unpublish the post. Just click on the “Drafted Post” menu on the left and you will get the list of all the post that are in drafs. Click on “Publish It” button to publish the post”.

Is the Plugin free or paid and where do you download or get it?

While there are so many paid plugins on the market and in the WordPress directory serving the different functions, this one is a free one. And yes, you simply have to visit the WordPress plugins directory, download and install it on your website or blog. The OneClickPublish menu will appear in your admin panel where you will be able to see the different options.

How To Pubilish all drafts at once and or to send published posts to drafts?

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This is very simple. You will need to select the corresponding menu (link) and follow prompts. Selecting one posts and hitting the top link (publish or send to draft) will make your option done within an eye blink.

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