How To Auto Upgrade WordPress On 000Webhost Free Hosting

000Webhost does offer free Hosting services while WordPress is a CMS and which is known for staying update due to the fact that every time and then, newer versions of the worlds popular content management system are released for securing and fixing purposes as well as improvements. And that is why it is recommended that one does upgrade his WordPress version from the current to the new release since the newer the CMS, the higher the chances of fighting hackers and other security threats which are very common on the internet.

By default, WordPress has an automatic upgrade feature which is visible to the site Administrators once they are logged in their Website/Blog dashboard and with a single click of a button, one can have his or her site instantly upgraded to the newest version without the hassles of doing it manually and which is not only confusing but too time consuming. The fact that 000webhost offers a free but professional hosting service means that there are so many websites running on WordPress Blogging Platform which are hosted on 000Webhosting servers and which means that they too prefer having their sites auto upgraded just like how it works on the other hosting providers be the paid ones and or the free ones like 3owl, 1freehosting and many others.

For many of you who have tried upgrading from your Dashboard, you might be knowing it that the feature doesn’t work unless you do it the manual way. And in case you are one of those who have been asking themselves the same question of “How To Auto Upgrade WordPress On 000Webhost Free Hosting“, this article will help you to discover how to do it in the automatic way provided you keep reading as it should be.

A Few Facts To Note

1. When you visit the 000webhost registration page, you will find that the Script Installer is one service which is supported and which happens too when you happen to create an account, add your domain name and log in to the domain control panel under software/services as seen below.

000Webhost Auto Script Installer

2. When you click on the Script Auto-installer, you are redirected to a page where you choose your Content Management System and which is WordPress here as seen below.

3. And When you Click on New Installation as boxed in red above, a page where you expect to install your WordPress, you will get the message “We are upgrading auto-installer at the moment” as seen.

And if you ever expect to find the Auto installer upgraded soon, that is a dream which will never come true since that is meant for the Free Users and which is why you see the message prompting you to Upgrade your account (from Free to Paid) in order to access the Functional service for Automatic Installation.

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How Do You Exactly Auto Update Your WordPress As A 000Webhost Free User?

The Quick answer is that you need to upgrade your account from free to a paid one and or to choose a Free Hosting which supports Auto Upgrade for free Users although you might need to compare the different features offered and the service up-time before you make a choice.

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  1. how to hack into a kik messenger account says:

    And 100% working whatsapp seen some.

  2. Morgan says:

    You are right admin. Yes, that is the only way to upgrade WordPress on 000webhost. I know no more than what you shared.

  3. Eddie Mayan says:

    We can use cloudways service for Managed WordPress. It will be more secure and scalable and easy to upgrade + Migration.

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