How To Avoid Website Suspension Due To Exceeded CPU Limit On Free Hosting

Are you among those who are having problems of their Free Hosted Websites being suspended from time to time due to exceeding your allocated CPU Limit? Over using your websites allocated server resources? Exceeding the bandwidth limit allocated to your site? In this article, you will discover the simple solution which will help you to get rid of all the above in addition to reducing and decreasing your Central Processing Unit Usage on your free hosting servers.

Such errors of Bandwidth Limit Exceeded and others as mentioned above are very common on shared free hosting servers where by many webmasters and website/blog owners end up finding their websites temporarily redirected with a hurting alerting the visitor of how the web page he or she has visited has already accumulated its allocated resources, and something which is annoying to both the owner and the visitor..

If you read my other article on how to speed up your website, adding this one to the other will help you enjoy and love more your Website even on a Free Host just like it happens for the paid hosting features and for those who want to reduce their website recurring costs, this article too will hep you and below are a few of what you can do.

1. Limit the Number of Plugins/Components/Modules on your site – Well as all the above are known to add more functionality and meaning to any website, over using them can increase your CPU usage due to the fact that each of them will make server requests thus over using the allocated resources.

2. Delete Any Unused Plugins/Components/Modules – If you have chosen to deactivate some of the above, then go on and delete them completely as that will not only help you with CPU but too free your allocated server space.

3. Limit The BOT Crawl rate on your site – Bots especially those owned by the different search engines like Google, Bing and others are good since they are the ones responsible for your site contents visibility in search results but too may end up over using your allocated resources if you don’t limit them. You can specify how Bots can crawl your site depending on how often you update your site for example every after a day, a week or a month.

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4. Use a Cache plugin – Cache plugins are so good since they keep taking a live coy of your website and saving it in order to show your visitors the cached copy other than having to make new requests every time your website gets a new visit. Most cache plugins are built with an automated update which means that they do work in an automated way.

You can try out some simple cache plugins like Quick Cache since for it requires no configurations apart from installing and activating.

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