How To Backup Android Photos, Videos & Files Onto Your Google Account Instantly

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Google Photo Backup App

Let me show you how you can easily go about backing up all of your photos, videos, whatsapp content and any other file on your Google account instantly. If you have been wondering how you can avoid losing your favorite photographs or videos in cases like when your phone is stolen, when you accidentally erase all data, when the memory card ceases to work, or when you format your device there by erasing everything, this post will help you and right away.

Before we get started to the point, it’s very important for you to know what you need. A working Google account which can be one attached to another service provider like Yahoo or even Gmail itself, and one which you have access to, a Google photos application which you can download free from Googleplay store, and a working android smartphone with internet access. Lets look at each of them separately so it can be easy for you to get started.

How to create a Google account for backing up your photos?

This is no different from any other account. Simply point your web browser to, select create new account, input your names, phone number, preferred username, date of birth, your sex, country and so forth. Verify your phone number and your account will be instantly create. You can then log on if you feel like.

How to download and Install Google Photo app onto your Android smartphone?

This is very simple. Tap the Googleplay store application icon on your android device and wait for it to load. If you have already signed in, you will go direct to apps but if you haven’t signed in already, add your account credentials when prompted and continue to sign in. Once you are on the Playstore dashboard, type “Google Photos” and hot search. Wait for results and tap on Install app. Wait for download to complete and installation to occur.

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How to back up your photos, videos and other files using Google Photo App?

Once the application has been installed, tap on apps icon on your smartphone, look out for “Google Photos”, tap on it and wait to load. On the left hand side, click on menu, select settings and then tap on Back up & sync. Set everything according to your desire eg back up all photos over 3G data connection or over WiFi only and etc. You can as well select the preferred files you want backed up eg Whatsapp, videos, photos and etc.

By simply dragging the check boxes to another side, you either activate or deactivate the setting. At this moment, simply say bye bye to data loss just in case something unexpected happens. I lost 5000 of my photos and that is why I ended up switching to this application so it never happens again.

How To Backup Android Photos, Videos & Files Onto Your Google Account Instantly

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  1. Think this is what I need before restoring my phone to factory settings. Does it have restore options. Thanks once again for the informative article.

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