How To Ban/UN-Ban Facebook Group Members

Banning and UN-Banning Facebook Group members which is also known as ban lifting is the work and responsibility of the FB Group Administrator or Admin as many refer to them. An Admin is the one who manages the group and can be the original creator or one who was assigned admin privileges but the original group owner just like it happens to be the case for many of those groups on Facebook which have more than a single Admin.

Basing on any one reason an Admin may have for example a group member misbehaving, posting banned contents, attacking other members and or even breaking the rules of the group, the group manager has an option to BAN asap any member of choice basing on the above and many more others. Sometimes the Ban may be a temporary one lasting for a few hours or days while in other cases, the same Ban may be a permanent one for example lasting until the group Admin decides to lift the ban on any previously banned member.

It so happens that many group owners/admins do not know how to impose a Ban and or if they had done it, they may not know how to un-ban members and below are the procedures on how to go about any of the above. A point to note is that one must be logged in to Facebook in order to execute the ban/UN-banning.

To Ban/Remove

1. Click on the Group About and go to all members.

2. Search for the particular member/members to Ban.

3. Click on Remove from group next to the member name and confirm. This option will make the removed member request to re-join the group if he or she is interested again.

To ban the member permanently, checkbox next to Ban Permanently and confirm. This option will make banned members not to see the group even in search.

To UN-Ban/Lift Ban

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1. Click on the Group About and go to all members.

2. Navigate to Blocked and select Remove Ban next to the member/s.

You will be done and the once banned members will be able to rejoin the group once gain.

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