How To Boost Internet Speed In Airtel Uganda Simcard

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams

how to increase airtel 3g speedYou can easily boost your Airtel SIM internet speed in Uganda if you follow the procedures shared below. Yes, using these simple tricks will help answer questions related to slow network, slow connection on mobile, 3g Simcard very slow, etc. Before I started using this same procedure, I myself used to suffer from the same, but not anymore.

Slow internet means lazy loading when it comes to applications like YouTube, or visiting pages using the web browser. This happens on both mobile and computer since it is the sim card that helps access the network.

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If you’ve upgraded from 3g to Airtel Uganda 4g Simcard and still suffering from slow internet speeds, following these procedures below will help you enjoy fast access with faster downloads and uploads using the same provider.

Test your internet speed

Before getting started, it is very important to test the current speed. This helps to compare results after and before implementing tricks shared in this tutorial. While there are very many testing tools available online, Zuku Kenya internet speed test has always shown me the best results.

How to use the tool

  • Visit
  • Your current network will be auto detected, with option to change if its an error.
  • Click GO and wait for the tool to complete.

Note: This tool is supported both on mobile and PC, with an option to download and save the desktop / mobile app. Take note of the current connection speeds and implement the below.

Steps to increase Airtel Uganda internet speed

  • Upgrade your card to the latest 4g sim.
  • Use a high speed supported device like 4G/LTE phone or modem or router.
  • Lock access to either 3G/4G/LTE/WCDMA only from automatic.

The above should help increase your connection speeds. You can use the same testing tool shared above and see the difference. I have always followed the same and found them helpful.

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Additional ways

I stumbled upon a post that shared something to do with changing the access point name from default to custom. If you know how to play around with your mobile, you can go to settings, data settings, more settings, choose sim, select apn, new and enter these details.

Set APN to “”, Server to “*99#”, Authentication type to “PAP”, Protocol to “IPV4/6”, and Bearer to “LTE” or the available highest. Save changes, reboot your device and enjoy the fastest connections.

How To Boost Internet Speed In Airtel Uganda Simcard

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