How To Break Into Consulting In 4 Ways

Break into consulting

Consulting is not only one of the most passion-driven careers but is also one of the most competitive. Whether you are entering an existing firm or starting on your own, it demands extensive work and incredible dedication. As a consultant, your skill and insight represent the core of services you will provide while your unique strengths are what will help you stand out in an exceptionally competitive industry.

Planning, preparation, and practice is critically important and will require as much hard work and dedication as securing the position. Breaking into the consulting industry will require a dedicated plan and diligent work. To help you to get started on your plan, we have included a few tips to help guide your planning and preparation.

Resume And Cover Letter

It is extremely likely that if you are applying to a big firm that the chances are you are applying for the same position as hundreds, if not thousands of equally qualified applicants. Your resume affords you the one opportunity to emphasize your strongest skills and performance and at the same time, providing you the upper hand at standing out.

A well-written, professional consulting resume and cover letter can carry out a valuable role in landing a consulting interview. There are many points and variables to consider when preparing the details. Most importantly, pay attention to the details and make sure you are maintaining the layout of your resume and cover letter within any stipulations laid out by the employer.

Necessary skill and Knowledge

Every successful consultant will typically deliver to you an identical word of advice when invited to share what represents the most crucial elements for talented newcomers in the consulting service. Comprehensively qualify yourself with the proper skill and extensive knowledge. How you apply that skill and knowledge to solve the case express another vitally important way for you to stand out. Take the time to carefully review the minimum requirements and available resources.

Mentoring And Coaching

A skilled mentor or consulting coach can present you with both the unique opportunity of practical leadership and support. Properly drawing experience from the valuable insight and practiced skills of an experienced consultant represents an excellent way to improve your skills and knowledge. Also, they provide an excellent opportunity for you to explore your strengths and weaknesses and support you in improving your performance.


Throughout your career as a consultant, commencing at your initial introduction phase into the industry, an active consulting network is vital. Not merely does networking allow you to stay informed on industry news and trends but also, offers you “a foot in the door”. A network of consultants presents you with the invaluable opportunity of breaking into the consulting industry.

A Quick Reminder

It is vital to remember a personalized plan is important. Using available resources, tips, and information, you can create a plan that will form the foundation of your career plan and is based on your strengths and growth opportunities. A well laid out plan will enable you to evaluate progress and performance while also redistribution your time and efforts to areas of your plan that require attention.

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