How To Bypass Tecno W3 Google Account Using GSM Aladdin

Tecno W3 Google Account bypassYou can easily bypass Tecno W3 google account without using an email address and password by using this free GSM Aladdin full set up trick. I have personally used this same way and put back my phone to work again and fresh.

If you are like me – not good at remembering password of my Google account, chances are that you’ll likely be locked out of your own phone at any one time after you perform a factory reset or hard reset or even a wipe data.

This is because of the fact that Tecno W3 is one of the latest devices running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with HiOS. And like we all know, devices from Android 5.0 have factory reset protection feature enabled in that once a device is reset, you can no go past the login screen unless you know the previous account which was used on that device.

However, even without remembering anything, there is a free GSM Aladdin trick you can use to bypass Tecno W3 google account, only if you follow the below procedures.

Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only. You should always seek professional help in such situations. You use it as your own risk if you decide to.

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How to bypass Tecno W3 FRP free

  • Download GSM Aladdin full version without box
  • Extract the downloaded files with loader to your desktop
  • Download Android USB, VCom and CDC drivers.
  • Install the drivers and run GSM Aladdin software
  • Click “MTK >> Services¬† tab >>> Clear settings / frp”.
  • Click “Connect and Start”.
  • Power off your mobile
  • Connect USB cable to PC and on phone.

You will see notification that FRP reset done. You can now restart your mobile and wait go past all the initial set up screens without worrying about your last google account credentials.

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