How To Change A Facebook Account Profile Cover Photo

Every time a new Facebook account is created, it comes with no profile cover photo just like the real profile with just a blank animation. This means that in order for ones account profile to be considered as full, one is required to either add a profile picture or a cover photo or both.

A profile picture simply is that photo shown on your profile and it can be an avatar or your own photograph or any other image as per your choice. On the other hand, a profile cover photo is simply that photograph which is simply that bigger background image which is under your profile or timeline as many refer it to.

And if you did set up your Facebook profile cover photo already and simply want to change it to another image or to switch photos, then reading this simple but informative tutorial will help you to learn how you can do it yourself. And as you requested, I am responding with this. Just read it and by the time you go through, you will know what I am referring to.

Steps to follow when changing your Facebook account profile cover photo

1. Begin by logging into your Facebook account on a computer since it may not work if you use a mobile phone.
2. Hover your mouse over the current cover photo usually on the right hand side and look for the photo options.
3. Select change cover photo from the list and select the location of your photo.
4. If its on your computer drive, select till you reach the folder where the photo is located.
5. And if its on any other drive, still do as seen in 4 above till you select the image.
6. Hit save changes and wait for the new photo to be uploaded onto Facebook servers.

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Please note that you need to drag and drop your photo well as you need so as to fit the frame. You can too change or delete or remove it and add a new one assuming the one you select doesn’t look good as per your choice. Your new Facebook profile cover photo will be saved.

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