How To Claim A Missing Bubblews Redemption (e-Check/Payment) Successfully

An e-Check is a Bubblews PayPal payment form and a type which many Bubblers use when it comes to requesting their redemptions. And when the green redeem button is clicked, a member is shown an approximate date when a payment will be sent to him unlike before when things were done unknowingly other than relying on guessing.

And just like any other service provider, the same applies to Bubblews when it comes to making payments to Bubblers or members where by from time to time, many members end up having some of their redemptions and e-Checks missing, and which calls for worrying and so forth on the side of the Bubblers.

If you are one who has always been affected by missing eChecks and Redemptions, never worry for as long as you know that you have been doing the right thing at the right time in the right place, this article will help you through the step by step of how you can successfully claim your missed redemption and have your eCheck sent to you.

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Tips To Consider Before Getting Started!

1. Always take note of your redemption days including the amount you redeemed. Making a screen shot is an added advantage.

2. Ensure that all of your Bubbles are in line with the Bubblews terms of service and rules.

3. Always cross check Bubblews support profile for the latest information if any with regard to the above.

Now that you have a clue of what you need, below is how you can go about claiming your missing redemption and e-Checks or Payments.

1. Log in to your Bubblews account using your account log on details as usual.

2. Click on the Contact us link located at the end of each page on site.

3. Select Redemption or Payment issues (which ever is applicable) in the drop down menu.

4. Create a message whilst including your profile link, your verified Active and Unlimited PayPal Account, Missing redemptions/e-Checks/Payments including the dates when you made them. Be precise and drive at the point directly but don’t be harsh or rude in your message.

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5. Hit the send message and wait for the notification in your email. From then, you should wait for Bubblews staff to respond to you but mostly, you will get a PayPal payment message even before the reply.

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8 Responses

  1. &Rockstar says:

    Working on Bubblews is like working in hell. First they pay next they don’t pay like commenter above said. Bubblews is scamming members and decided to hide views and no longer pay for views. That is cheating members and no missing payment pay.

  2. Singhit says:

    No missing bubblews payment is paid by admin. Fake and scam site dont try I wait for 80 days with no payment. Just try other site which pay or sell on eBay which is guarantee to pay you all money. No views pay now on bubble site

    • KWS Adams says:

      If the rule says between 60-90 days and you haven’t reached the date, then you need to keep waiting I guess. Sometimes we need to be patient in order to achieve our goals.

  3. Davis says:

    No, Bubblews is pure scam site which doesn’t pay members. They say send claim form but not respond all time. I am waiting for 70 days with no word from them. Admin claims that he is making the site super when we not pay.

    • KWS Adams says:

      That has been said long ago although many say they are paid while many say they are not paid. May be rule breakers don’t get paid while rule followers get paid. I don’t know which is which but am sure there is always a reason for the selection made.

  4. 8182 says:

    Bubbles introduced new claim form for missing redemptions but many member are not paid for their august payment. The new ways favors people from the USA and UK while others users have to wait 60 – 90 days before getting paid.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Yes, now one is supposed to use the claims form on the bank page. Once you use that, you will see investigation and then processing if not mistaken. But how long does it take to investigate?

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