How To Clear Goods Moving Through Uganda (Goods-in-Transit)

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Goods in transit through Uganda

Are you business person or even company planning to import goods to your choice of destination but through Uganda? If yes, this guide which is all about the procedure of clearing goods in transit will help you understand what you need to do and exactly how you should do it.

Goods-in-transit may simply refer to the process of goods passing through one country (in this case Uganda) to any other destination eg Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan (Juba) and etc. On the other hand, Uganda Revenue Authority is mandated to oversee the above process being the government tax agency with mandate to ensure that everything moves swiftly.

This process which involves the transportation of the importer’s goods through Uganda to any other country is what is known as Clearance of goods-in-transit, a process which involves declaration, facilitation and exit at a free cost for as long as all other mandatory requirements like transit declaration form IM8, ​T1 form received from URA, Payment slip for the truck and License for the truck that is going to transport the goods are availed.

Procedures to clear transit-goods entering Uganda

1. Importer appoints a clearing firm for the task..
2.  The agent captures an IM8 entry as per T812 details from country of export, uploads scanned copies of T810, T812, and Authority Letter and pays Road User charges if the vehicle is foreign registered.
3. URA will scrutinize the documents to ensure they tally with the goods details.
4. URA generates a Transit document, T1 from IM8 and confirms whether the security bond in force to cover the would-be taxes for the goods in transit is sufficient.
5. For cargo moving on trucks and interstate buses, the officer will place seals on the cargo compartments of the interstate buses.
6. The truck is flagged off to final destination.

Steps for exiting out of the Uganda

1. Your goods will be received at the exit border station as per advance cargo report.
2. The URA officer shall inspect seals, marks and numbers on the truck against the transit declaration.
3. Goods are exited to cross to the country of destination

That is all. The above is what you will have to follow in order to do things the URA recommended way. Remember,

How To Clear Goods Moving Through Uganda (Goods-in-Transit)

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