How To Configure/Setup SmartPhones For Internet/Wap Access

With Smartphones like HTC, Galaxies, AT&T, Androids and many other brands being on a high demand due to their features like internet and wap in addition to the fact that so many people every day which goes by are switching from the traditional and old phone types such as the Nokia 3310, Alcatel OT series, Sony Ericson 628, Samsung and others to the latest and new phone brands and models in their respective versions, its high time everyone learnt how to configure his or her smart-phone device or devices when it comes to the internet stuff.

We all know it how having access to the internet can change people lives and lifestyles due to increased knowledge in the different things be studies or technology, that is the reason why many need to know how to set up their phones in order to access the benefits associated and which is why this post is intended to help you do the above. Check here for Chinese Mobile Internet Setup Procedure and for Samsung Mobile phones.

How To Get Started

Provided you have your smartphone ready, starting is simple and its recommended that you call up your service provider or to browse the different sites and find out your service APN since its required and below are the general set up procedures.

1. Start by clicking on your smartphone menu button and tap settings.

2. Tap Wireless and networks and then scroll down and tap Mobile networks which is where you will set up set or even edit your phone Access Point Names, Roaming and the general network settings.

3. Check the corresponding box (check-circle) on Data access under mobile networks and scroll down and tap Access Point Name.

4. Chose your network provider name from the list and or simply press the menu button and tap New APN.

5. Tap APN name and enter your ISP/Provider name.

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6. Tap Access Point Name and enter the APN you got from your operator or ISP and hit OK

Leave all other options unchanged, press the menu button and select Save. You are now ready and your smartphone is ready to access the internet using its browser or an other application installed.

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