How To Confirm Your Voter Polling Station / Status Online – Uganda Presidential Elections 2016 By Electoral Commission

Confirm Your Voter Polling Station Status online - Uganda Presidential Elections 2016 By Electoral Commission This post is on how to verify and confirm your voter registration status, and the polling station where you will be able to cast your vote come the voting day. If you are you a registered voter and not so sure of your voter-ability status or locator – like it is the current and ongoing slogan by the Independent electoral commission to all Ugandans, then of course you should read on this post so as to be on a safer side.

Remember, your single vote is your say when it comes to voting for the leaders of your choice, and those leaders who will be able to do what you wish to be done. In the last days of the ongoing election campaigns, featuring both the presidential seat, the district members of parliament, the local council 5, 3 and others, the electoral commission has done something new which is aimed at helping all of Ugandan know their voting status using the locator.

And in order for one to verify and confirm his or her voting status online, polling station and so forth, all you need to do is to follow the procedures below. This process is very easy, quick and instant since it gives you all the results you might want to know and in time, in addition to offering them regardless of where you are.

How to confirm and verify your polling station, and voter status

1. Using an internet enabled device eg a smartphone or computer, go to
2. Go to voter information menu, scroll and click on Voter locator.

Votability Uganda Elections 2016

3. On the new page, enter Voter Number or Application ID or National ID Number (NIN), security code and hit search.

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Voter Number National ID Uganda

Instantly, your votability information will be displayed. You can use that information you obtain online and from everywhere to stay guaranteed that you will be able to vote and participate in the upcoming presidential elections in Feb 2016. Also, don’t forget to go and pick your Voter card which will be used when voting.

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7 Responses

  1. Aling Emanuel says:

    Please confirm if the database shows i have a registered id because i registered

  2. Tumwesigye Denesi says:

    Am Tumwesigye Denesi my no 875420000179 registered but didn’t get national ID why.

  3. Babirye J says:

    You must be on the voters register to vote in the upcoming Uganda elections 2016. You can sms your national ID number or NIN to 8228 to confirm your polling station. The earlier the better. Go confirm now.

  4. Twina ema says:

    On the Voting day, you are advised to carry your National Identity Card, or your Voter location slip in order to cast your vote. But still, the EC says that if you are on the voters register, you will still be allowed to vote assuming you have no either of the above. Go vote and make a choice. It is your right.

    • Byamugisha Allen Kacooni says:

      My name was mispelt on the voters register therefore have not got the National Id. What do I do?

  5. Moses Were says:

    Presidential elections Uganda february 19th 2016. Yoweri Museveni Vs Kiiza besigye Vs Amama Mbabazi Vs Biraro Vs ex Vice chancellor Vs the only Woman in the race and other candidates. The electrol commission says that; the biometric voter verification machine does record your election choice. It only verifies that you are on the voters register to be allowed to cast your vote. Here we decide our next president on Feb 18th.

  6. Nampiima says:

    Uganda elections 2016 update – The biometric voter verification machine helps stop multiple voting in the same election, voting in someone else’s name, and guides you to your polling station. Voting for your candidate of choice is the way to speak out. Lets all go and vote come February 2016. A few days and hours to go.

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