How to Convert Text Articles into Amazing Videos in 1 Minute Free Using This Ezoic Tool

Convert Text Articles into Amazing Videos

Article to Video Creator is the ultimate free tool by Ezoic that allows you to convert text articles into amazing videos in less than a minute.

If you were wondering how you would easily convert any article into a video, the new Ezoic video tool will help you do so automatically using the blog post URL. Check out this video and see what the tool does.

Still wondering? Follow the set of instructions below to turn articles into videos free in 2024.

Ezoic Article to Video Creator

Article to video creator free

Article to Video Creator is a free tool by Ezoic under Trailblazer that allows you to turn any article into a video automatically in less than 1 minute.  With Trailblazer being a program that is designed to help content creators to make use of program features and updates that are still in early development, this is a feature any Ezoic publisher must take advantage of in order to increase earnings. You can learn more about Trailblazer in this Ezoic Humix article.

How to convert text articles into videos

Online article to video creator free
  • Log into “Ezoic publisher dashboard”
  • Select the “site” you want to convert text
  • Open the “Trailblazer” menu
  • Scroll to “Article to Video Creator”
  • Click “Access”
  • Complete “Access” steps, agree and sign terms
  • Go back to “Article to Video Creator”
  • Click “Create your own Video”
  • Click “New Video”
  • Input “Article or blog post URL link”
  • Click “Go”
  • Click “Render” and wait for creation to complete

You should wait for the video to be created. You can add music or even choose the audio narrator or choice.

Once the video is done, you are able to link it to your articles by creating a placeholder or have others use it by making it public and increasing your earning potential. With the power of ai text to video generator free, you enjoy making unlimited videos just like that.

Watch Video

Final word

When it comes to helping content creators get more out of their work, Ezoic takes the lead in ensuring that publishers get what they desire. If you want to make free videos out of your existing articles, making use of the Article to video creator tool will surely help you and automatically without the need of uploading and etc.

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