How To Create A Custom Favicon Ico Image For Your Webpage/Blog

Creating a custom favicon.ico image and which is also known as URL icon, a website icon, a blog icon and many others names is one thing which is known to add a great look on ones webpage or weblog in the eyes of the readers since in most cases, a customized ico file tends to override the default image provided by most providers for example Blogger, WordPress, Joomla and others thus giving a website a complete new look to both the webmaster and the rest of the viewers.

The whole idea on how to create a custom favorite icon looks a very complicated one to many Webmasters more especially the newbies yet in real sense, it is something which is very simple and easy to do provided one follows the right procedures for generating the file in addition to adding it on his or her website or blog and in this post, we are looking on how to do the above in only a few minutes and once you are done, your blog or website will turn more professional than it might be as of now.

Where Is The Favicon Image Located?

The Favicon image is located on the address bar of your browser and appears whenever you open a particular website which has it as seen in picture below, and whenever you hoover your computer mouse on the favicon, you will be able to see the website information in case the website displays it.

How To Generate The Favicon.ico Image?

Generating or creating your Website/Blog favicon.ico file is so simple due to the availability of the different free tools on the internet which are used to do the above and below are the steps involved.

1. Create an image you want to turn into a favicon ico file and save it on your computer or any external drive like a flash and visit a website like

2. Click on Browse and select your image under the “Image to create icon from” and click on generate Icon.

3. Save the created favicon icon file on your drive and add it to your Blog.

Remember, the different Blogging platforms have different options for adding your Icon just like the examples below.

Adding A Favicon To Blogger Powered Blog

1. Log in to your Blogger Blog dashboard and go to layout.

2. Click on Edit on Favicon, select your generated favicon image and save settings.

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Adding A Favicon To WordPress Powered Site

1. Log in to your WordPress Blog and go to appearance.

2. Click on your Theme options, add click to add your favicon file, upload it and save settings.

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