How To Create A Free Forum With Joomla – 3 Free Extensions To Use.

Forums are well known to be those online places where different people from all over the world check in so as to inquire, discuss, share and do anything else when it comes to the world of web. Different people use forums differently in that others may want to promote their own other websites through linking in signatures and posts, while others may simply want to review a product or service basing on each and everyone’s findings with regard so as to make others too aware of the good and bad of any particular service or product.

Webmasters and other owners who own forums share how they earn a lot of money from their forums due to serving those third-party ads like those served by Google Adsense and or from the individual advertisers who may purchase space from particular parts of the forums, something which means higher earnings and thus meeting all the financial obligations with regard to maintain and having the forum running all time for example catering for the domain renewal and hosting fees.

And for whatever ones cause or reason for operating or running a forum website may be, in a few minutes you will discover the easiest way to make create a free Forum using Joomla through the use of the free extensions which can as well be gotten free from the joomla extensions directory below are the 3 Joomla extensions that you might need when it comes to creating a forum on your website or as a full and standing site.

If you already have a running site, you only need to visit the Joomla extensions directory and get either of the forum extensions below. Next you will need to log in to your Joomla admin backend and go installations, locate where your saved file is and click on upload. Go to components, locate the component name for example the Kunena and configure to how you want it look like. Go to menu setting, main menu and create a new menu by browsing and linking it to your ads component link and save your settings.

The Three Extensions to Use

Kunena – This is an open source software which is well known to be one of the best when it comes to turning your joomla site into a forum. With the support of both joomla versions 1.5 and 2.5, Kunena makes the entire process of starting, running and managing forums both at back-end and front-end easily be for personal or business very easily and most of all, it is free and available to download from the joomla extensions directory.

Ninjaboard – If you are looking for easy forum customization, Ninjaboard is the forum extension you are looking for. With this extension, you will be able to set up individual profiles very easily, add a customizable dashboard, assign profiles to menu items, switch avatars and their location or change anything without tempering with your template, set own permissions and for all other users and do anything else you need on your forums. Ninjaboard does support joomla version 2.5 and is freely available for download from the joomla extensions directory.

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Discussions – Another great form extension for your joomla site. Made for joomla 2.5, one can be able to do location tagging for forum posts, write and tag comments for Joomla articles and forum posts, send private messages to other members using the inbuilt private messaging service, select to display username or name in the front-end, create a user profile with avatar, signature, city, country and too add social networking profiles including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many others. The extension is very SEO friendly as it supports overwriting the standard settings for title, description and keywords which makes your form indexed well thus attracting more users.

With either of the above in use, one will have a great forum and as we know that the look and configuration too matters, a more than a single expectation will be received courtesy of Joomla.

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