How To Create A PayHip Account & List Your First e-Book For Sell

With selling eBooks being one of the most profitable businesses, using Pay Hip to create your listings is one of the easiest ways one can get started and earn some good cash due to the nature how the entire Pay-Hip service works at least basing on a personal review and experience as a Pay-Hip account holder. The entire process of creating your account to listing your very first eBook is free and does take a few minutes only to get started and assuming you know how to do play good marketing and promotional ways, you will instantly earn your first cash in your PayPal account with everything being worked on automatically since that is what Pay Hip does.

When I wrote my other article about How to make money with Pay-Hip , many of my readers did ask me to write a full guide from creating an account to listing an eBook and which is why I am sharing this with you and in case you have too been wondering how you could get started with the service, all you need is to keep reading since you will soon discover the clues and way.

How Does PayHip Work?

It works in such a way that you can list your eBooks by way of uploading them in your account under products, setting your price and getting the product URL which you can promote or even embed on your blog or website. When a buyer gets interest in your eBook and decides to buy, he or she is redirected to PayPal product payment page and upon payment success, he or she is given a unique and shorter time expiry link to download the eBook as per your settings.

How To Get Started?

Getting started is some simple and before everything, you need to have an active PayPal account or to create one if you don’t have one yet since your earnings are credited to your account directly. You can do that by visiting the PayPal homepage and create an account, check how to Create a PayPal account here, and once you are done, follow the procedures below.

1. Visit the provider homepage

2. Enter your email and pass word under register.

3. In put your PayPal email on settings page and click save

4. Click add new book on dashboard and wait for product add page to load.

5. Click add new eBook file, browse and select your eBook from where you saved it and wait it to complete uploading.

6. Enter your eBook name, enter the minimum price you would like to sell your eBooks.

7. Select your eBook cover by browsing it from where you saved it and wait for it to upload.

8. Enter your eBook description by typing in some brief info about your e book.

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9. Click on Advanced options and enter select any of your choice.

10. Click Add eBook and you will be done.

Now you can go to your Dashboard, click view on the eBook you want, copy the URL and start promoting it. Read full PayHip Review here.

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  1. Kim says:

    Have always wondered how to make money on eBook and how to sell them. But now with Payhip i can try to do it. Thank you for sharing.

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