How To Create A Video Content Website/Blog In Minutes – Get Videos On Your YouTube Like Site On Autopilot

Do you want to create a Video content website like or blog in just a few minutes? Would you like to having a website which is similar to those popular video sites like YouTube and others? How about the idea of changing your site from article content to video contents, and or add a video category on your existing Blog?

I know there are so many questions on the same but regardless of what you want to do and or to turn your website into, reading this entire tutorial post will help you create your own video blog and even monetize and earn much from it.

You know how people love videos in all categories whether news, funny and any other not so? If yes, then you know what am trying to arrive at when I say making money off your own site. Lets see how it works below.

1. Acquire a domain name of your choice plus hosting. You can get everything free here.

2. Download and upload WordPress on your hosting account and have your site ready – up and running.

3. Log into your WordPress admin back-end, go to Plugins, add new and enter “Video Blogster Lite” in the search or visit the direct download link here for the plugin.

4. For which ever way you use, make sure that you have the plugin installed on your WordPress and visible under plugins.

5. Go top tools and click on the plugin name for settings.

6. Configure your settings for example to auto publish or save the fetched content as draft, which user to be the creator, what keywords to use and any other.

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7. Hit Grab videos now and you will be done.

Simply repeat the above and for any new video you want to get. Fetched videos will appear in the categories you want to appear and on your homepage of your site or blog. This all can be done within only a few minutes.

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