How To Create A Website Free Of Cost

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
create a website free of cost
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You can create a free website easily following the instructions in this post. While creating your own website or blog and for free is one thing which many look at as being a dream come true yet in real sense, it is something very simple to go about and which can be done by anyone who is determined and committed to doing so.

When you take a quick search on the internet for example with a keyword create a website free of cost, you will get to know that there are very many service providers put there both the free and the paid ones who offer website creation services including both sub-domains and top level domain names.

While the above remains true in addition to the availability of the different providers, many still find it impossible and very hard to start up their own websites with claims that they don’t know where to start from and that is why in today’s article, I will take you through the different procedures which you will follow to have create a website free or blog and have it up and running within only a few hours of completing to read this guide.

What You Need

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What Follows Next

Now that you have made a choice on either of the above and having fully registered for your accounts, you will need to create make a choice on your domain/sub-domain names, name your websites, add descriptions, configure keywords and start publishing posts as simple as that.

If you decided to go with free top level sub-domains like Blogger and would want to map it on your free top level domain name like the Tk, then check out How Mapping Dot.Tk and Blogger works and in case your choice was a WordPress sub-domain, you can check here on How to Map a Custom Domain Name on your WP sub-domain

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How To Create A Website Free Of Cost

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