How To Create Your Own Home/Office Wireless Network/WiFi Connectivity

When it comes to connecting to the Internet, this is something many people would want and more especially when one does spend very less money and which is something which is impossible unless one has his or her own connection whether from home or office. With the many Internet service providers around the world from the different countries and the availability of the different Internet enabled devices, it has come a basic necessity at least for any one to make sure that he or she has access to the Internet since on the world wide web is where many of the things begin for example the search to know more.

True, the internet has is being pushed closer and closer everyday which comes by but for whom do you think? The answer is that for those who are in position of managing it for example to pay for the higher subscription and bundle fees more especially in Africa where the internet is still sold at a higher price as compared to some of the developed countries where there is even those free public places where any one can go and surf.

In this article, I will share with you how anyone can be able to create his or her own Wireless Network or a WiFi connectivity so as to have access to the internet through other supporting devices with a single mobile phone application known as Joikuspot. Joikuspot aka Joiku is an application which has both the free and premium paid versions supporting a range of devices including the Nokia’s, the Sonyericsons, the Nec’s and many others in their different series and versions for example the Nokia E7, C7, E51, E60, E63, E71, E73, E90, N79,N81 and very many others, and below is how to get started.

1. Visit the Joikuspot application website or your phone type applications portal for example Ovi store for Nokia and download Joikuspot to your mobile phone.

2. Install and Run the application for the first time and accept the prompt for you to share your connection with other devices after which you will see the notification that the Joiku application is been activated.

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3. Now power on any other device which supports WiFi or WLAN and search for available wireless networks and save Joiku which will appear usually in numbers for the free version and a name you renamed your network for the paid version.

From there, you will be able to share your single mobile data bundle connection with unlimited devices like a laptop, a phone and others for the premium version while you will share up to 5 devices with the free version. This means that you will need not to pay or subscribe all your devices for data since you will be able to share you one source with all other devices.

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