How to Create Your Own TV Station Like Ghetto TV Online for Free

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
Create Your Own TV Station Like Ghetto TV Online for Free

You can create your own TV station online by using any of the below available alternatives. If you know Ghetto TV, for example, I am sure you clearly understand the reason why creating your own TV station is important.

What is an Online TV Station?

An online TV station is one that broadcasts to those connected on the internet. Such channels stream live on sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc, and don’t require cable connections or digital box sets.

An example of online TV stations are TMO Online, Lumbuye Fred, Trending Channel Ug, Uganda Yaffe, Uganda News Updates, Ghetto TV, Busesa Media Updates, Uganda Empya, Map Media TV, KK TV, Ekyooto TV, Namungo Media, JB Muwonge and Bobi Wine 2020.

Benefits of creating your Own Online TV Channel

  • Broadcast without limits
  • Wider audience coverage
  • Make money from adverts
  • Live broadcasting from anywhere
  • Embed to social media channels
  • Operate on the go

Unlike those traditional TV stations which require a base, large equipments, etc in order to air, an online TV station is different. You achieve all of the above benefits together with many others hassle free for as long as you create one.

Where to create your own online TV channel


win tv live

WimTV is one of the best video platforms available for those who want to start their own online TV channel. Wim. tv helps you get into the video world by allowing you to create and manage your Web TV, online video, and live distribution. Using Paypal for your channel payments, you are ready to monetize your videos and live events 24 hours a day and days a week.

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Strimm tv live

If you are looking for an “exceptional combination of linear TV features, ease-of-use, and affordability”, is your choice. Getting started with them allows you to take your business, or interest to the next level by allowing you to start an online TV station broadcasting 24/7.

Inscreen tv live streaming allows you to instantly create your video and digital channels. With the option to monetize your media, you are ready to improve on your earnings, while providing a professional digital channel. Features include; Linear TV, Live TV, VOD, Pay per view, OTT, Mobile and TV apps, Streaming, Web TV, etc.

Viloud tv live streaming is described as the “easiest and the most affordable online video platform for creating and streaming your own live, linear and on-demand web TV channels”. If you want to create a Ghetto TV like channel, you got to Viloud out.


The next time you think of going online on your very own TV station, this free TV channel making tutorial should help you get started. Using the already available TV software, applications, and instruments from the above providers, you are ready to offer your audience what they want.

How to Create Your Own TV Station Like Ghetto TV Online for Free

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