How To Create Your Software/File Download Website 100% Free Using Google Sites

Do you know that Software and File downloading sites be free ones or paid downloads earn a reasonable amount of money from that services? Have you ever looked into such a possibility as an online money maker? Whether you own a free sub-domain, blog or website regardless of whether its hosted for free or for a pay, this post will help you learn a way which when used, you will be able to host your own files on your own free website and which means a 100% rule free download just like it happens to many of the file/software third party free hosting providers when it comes to limiting the number of downloads and others involved.

And just like you know Google being a provider of the different free services which include Blogger, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Adsense, YouTube, Google Plus, Play, News, Maps and many others, the same Google product which is known as Google Sites is what we are going to use and which will help you to build your own File storage and sharing site where you can store applications, software, music, photos, documents and many others which you can either offer for free or for a pay depending on what you are interested.

Remember, once you are done with uploading any of your files, you can choose to only show it those who have paid in case its for a pay and or to simply link to it by way of adding a hyper link to any of your sites or even on the same Google sites powered sites since the same product can be used to creating stunning, professional and good looking websites, and below we go.

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1. Visit and log in with your Google account or simply create a new one and log in.

2. Select Create New Site, Choose your template, enter your preferred site name choice for example thekonsulthubfiles, enter the site location or URL, select a theme to use, click on more options and add a site description, enter Captcha and click on create on your page top and wait for a few seconds.

3. Click on Add New page above page on your left, enter the name of the page for example files and select File Cabinet under “Select a template to use” option since that is a special template which is designed purposely for file storage.

4. Select the location of your page as prompted and click create on the top page. Once you are done, you will see the different prompts like Add File, Add Link and any other where by you will start to upload all of your files while saving them.

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On each of the file will be a download link which you will be able to use for your sharing purposes to those whom you want to download your files. And unlike the other free file storage providers, Google has nothing like a limit on the space you can use in addition to downloading limitations. Whenever a user accesses the download page, he or she has an option to download the file or software right away without anything like Survey completing, captcha entries and any other.

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