How To Do Online Marketing In 2015

Back in 2014, every marketing industry expert was saying how the year 2015 is going to be huge for online marketing. Now that we are a few months in, we are definitely seeing that online marketing is going strong and that it is gaining in importance and creativity even as you are reading these words. But what are the trends in online marketing in 2015? How are the savvy marketing pros doing it in 2015?

Mobile-friendliness is the king – Just as predicted, the use of mobile devices for accessing internet and looking for new products and services has skyrocketed and the percentage of people who use their mobile devices for internet browsing is now larger than those who still rely solely on their desktop machines.

This is why savvy online marketing will be mobile-friendly in 2015. In short, there is no point in having a great online marketing campaign that will not translate well to mobile devices. That is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Social media gaining in importance – Facebook reported a significant increase in ad revenues back in 2014 and it seems that social media are still doing very well in 2015 when it comes to online marketing. Brands and companies are realizing that a smartly positioned social media presence can be a huge boost to their brand promotion and their online marketing efforts in general.

Social media allow for a more personalized and individualized approach to customers and it makes for an enhanced experience that the users love and cherish. It is also something that brings in new customers.

Putting out exquisite content – Businesses have been realizing the importance and the strength of content marketing for the last few years and in 2014, this resulted in almost 95% of B2B marketing agencies using content marketing.

In 2015, this number is on the verge of reaching a 100% and the only thing that remains is to come up with content that will stand out. Videos, case studies and especially research-heavy and serious content will always stand out and get shared. Also, it is important to keep in mind the need for all of this content to be mobile-friendly

Email marketing regaining its glory – Online marketing can become quite a complex issue, especially when businesses and marketers start dealing with search engine algorithms that can be very capricious and that can ruin a company’s online presence. This is the primary reason why email marketing is making a comeback in 2015 and in a big way.

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Of course, we are not talking email marketing of old, but a new and improved type of email marketing where you give people content that they will want to see when they open their email.

Brands trying to humanize – We are once again going back to the social media as one of the best ways to do online marketing in 2015 where we are seeing a certain trend among the bigger companies. We are talking about the “humanizing” that the big brands are doing on social media where they do away with corporate lingo and try to offer a real human touch. Experts who provide marketing services are constantly saying that for a smaller business, this is a perfect way to make the brand more relatable.

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