How To Double Bluetooth DUN Internet Connection Speeds

You have successfully configured your Bluetooth Dial Up Networking Connection and already surfing the internet. But you have just found out that your connection is somehow very slow when compared with other options you have been using for example when you access the different pages using a broadband modem or your DSL cable modem. Now you have started wondering why you are experiencing that and possibly looking or a solution which will help you boost your speeds not so?

No worry, I have myself gone through the same problem and successfully managed to find the solution which am sure can help you as well for as long as you are willing to follow the simple steps you will discover in the next few lines. Yes, I did face the same slow speeds when I was performing a case study after one of my friends sent me an email inquiring about how she could increase her Bluetooth-DUN service from 115 Kbps to 460 Kbps although she is now enjoying up to 921.6 Kbps.

You see, people resort to Bluetooth Internet connections for one reason or another for example traveling while carrying a laptop and a phone excluding a modem, being in a remote area where there is no 3G/4G supported services, having any other technical problem with the ISP or even with the Modem and many others which means that one remaining option. Below is how you can double your web-connection speeds.

1. Click Start, All Programs and Control Panel

2. Go to Network and Internet-Connections.

3. Network Connections and Right Click your Bluetooth-Connection.

4. Select All properties and select your modem from the list under connect using.

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5. Click on Configure and select your Maximum Speed using the Drop Down Menu under Maximum Speeds (bps).

Hit OK and you are done. You can restart your connection and see how faster your BT-DUN-Connection will be.

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