How to Downgrade and Revert WordPress to the Previous Version Using WP Downgrade

Downgrade and Revert WordPress to the Previous Version Using  WP Downgrade

You can downgrade and revert WordPress to the previous version instantly using WP Downgrade, a popular plugin that allows you to lock your installation to any version of choice.

If you were wondering how to rollback the WordPress version directly in your Dashboard without going through the cPanel fresh installations, this tutorial will take you through all the necessary steps required using WP Downgrade.

What is WP Downgrade plugin?

WP Downgrade is a top-rated WordPress plugin by Reisetiger which is specifically designed to allow anyone to restore the WordPress website to the previous version, and instantly. Using the lock feature, the plugin allows you to force the WordPress core to stay on the preferred version without worrying about feature updates.

WP Downgrade plugin features

  • Forces the WordPress update routine to install a specified WordPress release
  • Allows you to set and lock the previous version of choice
  • Downgrades WordPress to the previous version
  • Requires no cPanel access
  • Requires no FTP/SFTP access
  • Allows you to permanently stay on the preferred version
  • Works like charm and instantly
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How to install WP Downgrade on WordPress

Step 1: Download and install plugin.

Download WP Downgrade plugin

Step 2: Activate plugin.

Activate WP Downgrade plugin

Step 3: Enter previous version of choice on options page and save.

WP Downgrade options settings page

Step 4: Confirm that target version is active

Confirm that WordPress previous version of choice is well set

Step 5: Go to WordPress update page

WordPress updates page

Step 6: Click Reinstall now

Reinstall WordPress previous version of choice

Wait for the update to complete until you reach the about page. At this time, your WordPress website would have been restored WordPress to the previous version. You can then play around with your website the way you want without worrying about any future updates.


In order to undo the WordPress update, all you need is to use the WP Downgrade plugin. Following the instructions above will allow you to set your website to the version of your choice while maintaining the boosted speeds. Even after uninstalling the plugin, your changes will stay.

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