How To Enroll, Earn and Redeem Your Rewards On U.S Cellular

U.S Cellular is telecom provider which is known for offering of the different National plans when it comes to text messaging, Data and calling minutes regardless of whether one is using a Single line or Family lines plans depending on ones needs and what may be right as per usage. And just like many other providers, U.S Cellular does have offers which are inform of rewards which they give back to their clients and which can be seen as an appreciation and in case you have been too wondering on how to enroll, earn and redeem your rewards in form of rewards, this post will take you through the entire guide how to;

To Enroll – In order to do so, you will need to sign up for one of the National plans for example a single line or a family and in case you are an existing customer already, you will need to switch to the qualifying plan in order to enjoy the rewards. You should also note that the U.S Cellular national-plans include a rewards program, free incoming texts, calls, video and pictures, mobile to mobile which is unlimited, unlimited weekends and nights and many others only to mention.

To Earn – Points are earned in so many ways some of which require you to do nothing for example;

1. Being on an eligible plan means earning.

2. You additionally get up to 4,000 points every time your referral signs up for a new service and registers in the My account just like your referral too does.

3. And if you take part in the workshop at one of their stores, you get up to 250 points but if you come with a friend on a different provider, you get double for example 250 x 2 which is 500 points.

To Redeem – When you have reached a number of points which are eligible for any available offer, you can enjoy through a number of ways including but not limited to the ones below.

1. Phone upgrades say from your current one to a new one.

2. You can redeem your points into memorabilia and other events for example into cinema tickets.

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3. You can use them to get your best accessories for your device.

4. You can get other devices like phones and others.

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