How To Ensure That Relevant Ads Are Served To Your Site

Relevant Ads Having relevant and targeted Ads served on your website is one key to higher earnings due to the relevancy of the Ads on site and at least, many bloggers and other webmasters will strive to ensure that this happens although still, many end up having more irrelevant Ads on their pages as opposed to the matching ones and which many share as being a reason to the increased low revenues. The above is a fact and if you never knew, try to block your site from bot access and you will wonder the kind of Ads which will be served on particular pages of your website, and too compare how much you will earn in terms of revenue with when your site is free from bot stoppages.

What you should know is that most Advertizing providers if not all of them for example Google Adsense automatically delivers and serves Ads onto sites with their Ad codes basing on your content keywords and other factors as determined by their Ad Serving Algorithms. And in order to ensure that you receive those Ads which are well matching with what you have on your website or blog, there are a some things which you need to consider in order to achieve the above and if you have been wondering what you can do, find some of them below.

Things You Can Need To Do.

1. Make sure that you allow your Ad serving crawlers and bots to access all of those pages on your website which contains Ads. You can do it by modifying your robots.txt file on your website for example if you are using Adsense, add these lines below on top of txt your file to ensure that the Ad serving bots have access to our pages.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

2. Make sure that you have not blocked too many Advertiser URL’s since doing that limits on the number of targetable Ads which may be served to your site. If your provider has that feature, make sure that you only block a few, nothing at all and or those which not to advertise for.

3. If your provider supports both text and image Ads, make sure that you create Ad units which serve both as that will help in ensuring that relevant ads are served to your site as opposed to when you limit to specific Ad types for example text only or image only.

4. Ensure that your web pages have enough contents on them for example write posts with an average number of words as that will help ad serving bots to service Ads which match your contents.

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5 Make sure that your contents are not protected for example requiring a log in access since that will help crawlers gain access to all pages in order to determine which matching ads can be served and in case you have such pages, you can grant the crawlers access to them depending on your provider support.

Other important things you must look into may include making sure that you don’t modify any of your Ad codes, your post contents in your provider supported languages and others.

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