How To Export WordPress Powered Site Articles To Blogger Powered Site And Vice Versa

You know it well that for any WordPress Powered site, it is very simple to import your Blogger posts to it with the inbuilt WordPress Import and Export tool not so? Well here comes a question which very many Blogger powered site owners ask themselves on the possibility of importing their WordPress powered site contents for example the posts or articles together with their comments. This same question is one I have been asking myself over the years since I have for all the time been publishing on WordPress (Self-Hosted) and due to one of the other factor which is involved for example the hosting fees and the domain fees, I was forced to look for th better way fo migrate or export one of my WordPress sites to Blogger after discovering the way I am soon sharing below, and which is something which really worked for me.

The whole process of Exporting your WordPress contents to your Blogger Blog is so simple and reading this whole article will help you to learn how and below is how to get started.

1. You will need to first of all log in to your WordPress site (the one you want to export).

2. Navigate down to Tools and then select the Export option.

3. Choose your preference for example posts and comments or posts only and click on export.

4. Save your file on your local drive or any other location.

5. Now visit and browse your saved WordPress WXR file.

6. Click on Convert and once done, save the converted file on your hard drive or any location like a flash.

7. Now log in to your Blogger dashboard and create your new Blog or simply navigate to settings on the Blog you want to export your WordPress contents.

8. Go to other settings and click on Import, browse your converted file, enter code and continue.

Your WordPress contents will now be uploaded on your Blog and they will be visible assuming you selected the import and publish option.

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KWS Adams

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