How To File / Pay VAT, PAYE & Income Taxes In Uganda

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This post takes you through the step by step guide on how to file or pay your Taxes in Uganda. VAT stands for value added tax, a kind which is added on the consumption amount, PAYE standing for Pay as you earn – a withholding kind of taxes which are levied to employee payments/earnings. On the other hand, Income tax is that kind which is levied by the government to the tax payer on his taxable incomes.

In Uganda just like in the US with the IRS, its the work of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to ensure that all the above are paid by the taxpayers to the government and as a must, all employees are required to pay just like it is for all incomes earners who earn incomes in a taxable range.

In the past, most of the things in Uganda were done in the manual way which involved the tax-payer having to go to the URA branch for making a payment unlike now days when everything was almost made possible to be completed on the internet where by visit the URA web portal means a quick access to all kind of forms which once filled can ease ones process of making a payment and then simply making a filing afterwards.

And as we know it well that while the minority people may be knowing such kind of information with regard on how to do things, there are many people and in fact the majority who have no knowledge of how it works and which is why in this article, you will get to know how you can personally go on the entire process of processing your payment forms for VAT, PAYE and Income Taxes online in Uganda and below we get started.

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1. Visit the URA Website/Portal and select Payment registration.
2. Tick box next to Tax Type under Tax head.

3. Select what you want to pay for under Tax head drop down ie, Income Tax.
4. Fill in all other details including your TIN number, email address, taxpayer name and others.

5. Select payment mode ie check, cash or any other, bank payment type and others and hit the accept and register.
6. Print the payment form on the next page, take it to the selected bank, pay the indicated amount and you are done.

How To File / Pay VAT, PAYE & Income Taxes In Uganda

8 thoughts on “How To File / Pay VAT, PAYE & Income Taxes In Uganda

  1. How can i get to know that my employer or boss pays the PAYE taxes because he deducts that money for the taxes from my salary every month

  2. I would like to have file return so that I can estimate the tax I have to pay.we pay much tax due to lack of knowledge.please help me on steps I can follow.

  3. Thank you for this important information.

    How does one qualify to be taxed on income? Take for example someone has no job but has a TIN number, does he/she have to pay income tax?

    1. If one has no Job, then he or she doesn’t qualify to pay income tax. You should visit any URA office and make an amendment of the TIN so that you can avoid being taxed on income.

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