How To Fill & Submit Uganda Online Passport Application Form

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by KWS Adams
New Uganda e Passport

The new Uganda passport application form is divided into parts. The different parts which are filled online require different details. The filled information must be reviewed before submitting the form at the final step in order to confirm that no mistake was made.

If you are applying for the newly introduced Uganda e Passport, below is how you are supported to fill the form depending on the type of passport you are applying for.

Part 1: Application

  • Visit
  • Click “Start new application”.
  • Agree to terms
  • Fill in “phone number, security question and security answer”.
  • Click “save and continue”.

Part 2: Applicant

  • Enter personal info including names, gender, dob, marital status, etc.
  • Enter residential details including country of residence, district, etc.
  • Details of origin including tribe, clan origin, etc.
  • Click “save and continue”

Part 3: Citizenship

  • Chose between citizenship by birth, naturalisation or registration.
  • Click “save and continue”.

Part 4: Spouse

  • Enter spouse details including names, date of marriage, etc.
  • Click “save and continue”.

Part 5: Parent details

  • Enter parents details including of father and mother.
  • Provide their date of birth, country of birth etc.
  • Provide their NIN numbers, nationality etc.
  • Click “save and continue”.

Part 6: Next of Kin

  • Enter the names, phone number, NIN, Passport number etc.
  • Provide details of your NOK relationship, their residence, etc
  • Click “save and continue”.
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Part 7: Recommender

  • Provide names, occupation, address, NIN etc.
  • Click “save and continue”.

Part 8: Payment

  • Select your payment choice from options.
  • Chose the bank of choice from list incase you didnt select other payment option.
  • Click “save and continue”.

Part 8: Review and submit

You are close to completing your Uganda e Passport online application. However, you it is very important to review and confirm that the information you filled is correct. You will be required to tick box to agree to terms and and submit. Next is scheduling an appointment.

How to Schedule Passport Interview appointment

  • Visit
  • Click “Schedule an appointment”.
  • Enter Application number, date of birth and last name.
  • Enter given text
  • Click “Retrieve”.

Note: Your appointment date and details will be provided. Remember, you can only make an appointment once you have successfully paid all passport related fees depending on the type you have applied for. Once the everything goes well, you should expect your Passport issued as you will be told.

How To Fill & Submit Uganda Online Passport Application Form

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